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In order to support myself I will need to work overtime. I know a girl who works 10 hours overtime every week. Do you work overtime? How hard is it to work six days a week? Is it hard to get overtime?

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It's not hard to get, but it sucks. You get so sick of being there constantly. Just that one extra day usually puts me over the edge. But it's nice to have the option available if you need the money. Usually I try to condense my overtime by coming in 4 hours early on a day that I already have to be there rather than putting in time on my day off.

If I do come in on my day off I usually say I'll work 3-7 or something like that. So I can help out as much as I can and then go home. Half the time I think I may as well have stayed the whole night though.


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OT is not hard to come by. Like fuzzy said though, it does suck being there more often than not. You can get burned out quickly if you're not careful.

Fuzzy's advice is good. Condense your OT instead of coming in on your days off if possible. You need those days off to get a breath of fresh air from the daily rigors of work.


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At my facility it is really hard to get overtime. Our fulltime is 32 hours a week, so to get overtime you have to pick up two extra days, and that is really hard to come by. Most of the time if you try to pick up a day to get overtime HR will not let you because they don't want to pay people overtime.

I do try to pick up one day per two week pay period, though. It's an extra 90 bucks on your check!

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