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Do You Want To Place A Foley? (Based off Disney's Frozen)


New Nurse: Speaking (knocks) Charge Nurse?

Do You want to place a Foley?

Come on, I need your help!

All my meds are due,

Come on I'm talking to you,

I have an admission on the way,

We use to be about teamwork

on this Med-Surge floor.

but i can't seem to get help, tell me why?

Do you want to place a Foley?

I really Need help placing this Foley

Charge Nurse: I'm busy right now

New Nurse: Okay, Bye

(Scene: New nurse continues to get overwhelmed and continues to ask the charge nurse for help)

Do you want to place a Foley

or help me with my meds

I think all my charting is overdue

I've started reciting all my vitals in my head

(Blood pressure 120/80),

it gets a little crazy

with all these filled up beds

just watching my shift go by

(deep breath in, deep breath out, Deep breath in, deep breath out)

(Scene: New nurse's patient codes, New nurse runs to the charge nurses office in distress)

New Nurse: (knocks/speaks) Charge nurse?

Please, I know you're in there

we just had another code,

My patients on his last limb now,

and his breathing down

please come out here

We need help from all the nurses

cause we're quite a team

what are we gonna do?

do you want to place a foley?

Don't let them in.. don't let them see.. be the good grad you always have to be.

Conceal. Don't feel. Put a a show, get one complaint and your the one who goes.


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Can I just say something crazy?

All my shift has been a series of patients crapping all over the place,

a now my meds are so overdue

I've working hard my whole shift to keep all of my patients safe,

and maybe it's the hunger talking, but I don't want to get sued!

LOL! I wish I were that creative. The only thing I can come up with is OneRepublic "Till the blood runs out" (Till the Love Runs Out)

missmollie, ADN, BSN, RN

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To the tune of "Let it go"...for nursing students.

The homework piles up tonight

No ending, to be seen

Nursing books are open,

I am 16 chapters in

I've been studying for ten hours straight,

Doing what I can for my mental state

Don't take a break, don't go to sleep

Need to study, not sit down and weep

Conceal, don't feel, don't even eat

But I must eat!

Let it go, Let it go,

Can't look at books anymore

Let it go, Let it go,

My eyes are getting sore.

I don't care

I may not have an A,

As long as I will pass...

the B never bothered me anyway.


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I love this, you are so creative!