Do You Have A Close Relationship With Your Higher Ups?


So I recently took a new ED position and part of the reasoning was due to the fact that the director (also newly hired) seems very supportive. He seemed very inspirational and supportive of elevating the standard of nursing and also promoting nurses.

In my interview his very words were ''I'm looking for nurses who can think outside the box and who want to move up, and you being young and experienced can do it'' and he basically eluded to the fact that I could be an educator for the ED since the ED does not have it's own educator.. etc.. etc...

I expressed my interest in wanting to be a nurse educator due to my research and ED experience and he seemed to be generally supportive.

My whole thing is trust. To be honest I've never really felt that I could trust my managers or directors. Like no matter how good your are there's always a catch and they're always out to get you.

Although he seems supportive, I am still obviously somewhat mistrusting of him and his leadership (although I've only been there since late summer) and I get the sense that he is more about fulfilling the hospitals' bottom line rather than truly elevating the standard of nursing (based on some new policies he has enacted)

He speaks of being supportive and someone the staff can come to but I don't really see how he is being supportive other than saying he is. **Actions vs words**

I understand he is also new

My issue is that A. I'm getting a bit bored in the ED (yes bored lol) and want something new and fulfilling like ED educator and I hope he can open a position up within the year or I want to transfer within the hospital to another unit.

To be flat out honest I'm trying to feel him out because I am at a stage in my career (8 years in) where I feel I want something new, perhaps a mentor, and etc.. and I'm hoping he hasn't sold me false hope about moving up.

Should I flat out inquire about the ED educator position? Should I tell him that I am seeking mentorship for the next stage of my career from him?

How do you go about creating a working relationship with your higher ups. I'm not good at schmoozing lol. I keep it cordial and polite and do my work.


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Ask if you can make an appointment to speak with him. At said appointment, have discussion regarding your original interview related to the need of an ER educator. Ask about a specific timeline related to the same, if perhaps you could assist in writing some ideas for a job description, and if this is something he would be willing to present at his budget/positions meeting by, say, Jan 1st. Remember, just because middle managers have ideas on how they would like their departments to run does not mean that upper management holds the same goals. They push the middleman for monetary results. The middleman is limited.

If he gives an excuse, if he says that this is not something upper management supports, then only you can decide where to go with that information. Another thought is that is there a nurse education department in your facility? Perhaps you can see about transferring to that department. It may not be ED specific, however, it would get you to where you would like to be as far as educating.

On a smaller scale, you could see if you could become an ACLS/PALS/NALS instructor that is ED specific. That may break up the boredom for now.

Should things not be in your favor, I would also see about local paramedic schools, and the need for critical care instructors.

Best wishes.

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Does this manager have the power to create a position for you? jadelpn makes a good point about who dictates budget.

Be careful that you didn't read too much into that first interview. Unless he spoke directly about an education position to you, he has made no promises and owes you no more than the job he hired you for.


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Thanks you guys. See that is the thing perdiem, I'm still feeling him out and wonder if he said what he said as bait for me to take a staff ED position, but he also seemed like he really wanted the unit to have it's own educator. Welp there's only one way to find out. I will ask in a few months since I just got off orientation and probation, I'll give it about another 2-3 months before I inquire. Until then I will try to talk to him and inquire about maybe being on a committee, etc..



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Oh and yes we do have a nursing Ed department, perhaps I can ask our current critical care/ED educator if she needs any assistance on projects. Yes I have TNCC/PALS/NRP/ACLS, perhaps I should think about being an instructor!