Do you work in a Neighborhood/Household LTC model?

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I asked the administration about why they were doing away with the housekeeping staff and giving all of that work to the aides. She said that is was more "home like" and that our own homes did not have a housekeeping staff.

If I had 30 people living in my home, and 1/2 of them were incontinent, I would DEFINITELY have a housekeeper. We had to clean toilets and empty garbages and WASH THE FLOORS. The care of the residents was greatly reduced. But we only had 2 aides for 30 residents.

It DID LOOK NICE. Much more homey. But it is NOT the same type of home that you would live in if you were living on your own. It CAN'T be.


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Not looking too hopeful. I think they are changing something that works pretty well to something that will compromise care. Thanks for all your replies!

Well, they day they add cleaning toilets to my job description is the day I give notice. I'll wipe butt all day. Cleaning lady ain't in my future unless that's how I hire on.

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