Do you use Kindle to download school books?

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I'm thinking about getting a kindle, but was wondering if you or anyone you know uses it instead of paperback or hardback books at school. I know you can save money with ebooks. Any thoughts appreciated.

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There are books available on Kindle, but I hadn't found any of the text books I needed. Maybe some of the standard references are available, but I would surely check out the availability first.

I really like my Kindle, I can take lots of books with me when I travel, but the disadvantage is trying to find things again. If you don't write down the numbers at the bottom of the page, to use the "go to" function, you will have a tough time scrolling through to find your notes. Also notes are not kept on that page, you have to click onto your footnote marks and get taken to another page. My pictures are all black and white, so the color text pictures aren't likely to be of much use.

I'd stick with the hard copy of the texts at this point, until you can reference things more easily. I do like the search button though, but if you are looking up a common thing you will have to wade through all the instances the word shows up to get to a particular passage.

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ITA. It's fantastic (FANTASTIC) for novels and histories, etc., but if you need graphics, it's not at all what you want. Footnotes are definitely clunky. I wouldn't read an Oliver Sacks book on it, for instance, unless they changed the footnote system. *sad*

It might be that a nook is better for studying, but I don't know. Also, most of my textbooks aren't available as Kindle books, so the point is kind of moot.

For an English or history class, I'd be ALL OVER IT. They're not ready for primetime when it comes to science texts, though.

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I know for OUR books and program, they said that wasn't an option yet, maybe in the future, but not as of yet. There are some textbooks available for Kindle and such, but for our program we can't even download it. To view it at all we need an iternet connection. BOOO!!! :down:

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I would have a hard time reading that much from a non-print source. Screens strain my eyes after a couple of hours. I don't bring my books to class either so the weight doesn't bother me at all. plus I like being able to highlight and bookmark as I go along.

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You can highlight and bookmark, its just not that easy to find them by scrolling.

Actually this screen is not back lit, there isn't a glare. In fact, you have to use a booklight at night. Another nice thing about the print, is when your eyes are tired, you can set the print larger! They really are great for novels.

Nope, I do have some of my texts on my tablet PC. It's important for me to annotate (with a pen/stylus). I had hoped that the iPad would allow for that....but they don't have a stylus either.

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