Do you think there is still hope for me!!!!!!!


Hi, this is my first post on allnurses. Here is my situation. I graduated from PN school in 1999 with a B+ average. Initially I was afraid to take the test for my license, I eventually did 6 months after I graduated, and failed. I was distraught and gave up. I stayed employed at my current job and climbed the ladder into management. In 2005 I took the NCLEX again and failed it a 2nd time :angryfire. Well, here it is 2006 and I still don't have my license, my husband has encouraged me to try again, he says the third time is the charm. My other problem is that I currently love my job and don't really want to leave it (Loss Prevention). I make $20 an hour fulltime, benefits the whole shabang. But now my company is suffering financially and has cut 250 jobs. And I heard through the grapevine that my department will probably be next in the next year or so. So I have decided to take the NCLEX a 3rd time for licensure, I also forgot to mention that I am currently enrolled and only 2 semesters away from my bachelor's degree in the Adminstration of Criminal Justice @ Mountain State University, I am the off again on again college student, I have most of my prereq's for nursing and have been in school for at least 15 years. Once I pass the NCLEX-PN I would like to apply for the LPN to ADN program already informed the hubby that I will not work during this time and strictly focus on nursing school and will take the exam a few weeks after graduating. Do you think I can pass the NCLEX the 3rd time, I am very afraid If I fail the 3rd time I will have to take a remedial course. I will study for 3 months and take the NCLEX around June. To study I will enroll in the NCSBN review. Do you think this is enough or should I purchase a book, CD review also :uhoh3:. HELP, please I really want to pass this time!!!!!:cry:


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I just took the NCLEX and passed it this week. I studied Delmar, Mosby's Pharmacology CD (and the CD's for Delmar/Mosby's) and did the NCSBN online learning (3 weeks for $49.00) so did my friend and she passed too. We studied for three months straight and did about 8,000 questions and reviewed the rationales for each. You can do this. Don't get discouraged. Just go take it again after doing at least 5,000 questions. Both of the books I mentioned came with CDS so they were helpful also. If you want to be a nurse you can do it, just decide what you want to do. good luck to you. :yeah:


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Thank You for your encouraging words. I am going to go for it, and I will definately take your advice and use those study techniques. Thanks again.


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Thank You for your encouraging words. I am going to go for it, and I will definately take your advice and use those study techniques. Thanks again.

Please don't quit it people like you that give me the courage to suceed in my plans to become an give hope but, most of all hubby is right 3 time around the bend is much better just study, study and more study...but don't you dare quit lots of people out there in the world are waiting for your tender and loving care.... as there nurse beside we got a shortage lolololo:lol2: :lol2:


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Buy the Saunder's book and follow Suzanne's NCLEX plan! Everyone I have seen on here who did it passed the test!!! DON'T GIVE UP!


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You can certainly pass. Good luck to you!

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That sounds very reasonable. I have a friend who is taking her NCLEX PN for the third time end of this month. I have hope for her, third times the charm!Good luck!!!!!!!


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You guys have it really different in the States. Here in Canada, you have to write the test within a year of graduation, otherwise you have to go back and do the programme again.

Fail the exam three times and you are required to go back to school and start again.

My only question is how good are your skills and meds knowledge?


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Thanks for your encouraging words, I will study, study, study, and will pass, pass, pass. Fiona59, I am very confident in my clinical skills and meds I will do fine in that area. But I have decided to take a refresher class for clinical skills before I come in contact with any patients which is 3 months long 2 days a week for 8 hours. :wink2:

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