Do you think I should change my major?...PLEASE HELP?!


I am a Pre-Nursing student at Brookdale Community College and I really want to be a nurse....I dont see myslef doing anything else.

I dont want to sit in an office all day, I just want to help people and try to make them fell better... I want my life to make a difference, since I'm not rich andf dont have thiusands of dollars to give to charity. But it just seems like it is takeing so long and I am getting discouraged...

I am about to start AP1 next week ....

I didnt take the NET test yet and I called the nursing admission office and asked them when the next information session was and they said probably in a few months because they didnt set a date yet....

The information session is where you have to go to get your name put on the waitiing list...and I heard the waiting list is about 2 years long...I just dont know what to do...

I need to get a better job quick something that will get me more money....I'm not taking up nursing because of the pay, its just that I am going throught hard times right now....What should I do?

I was thinking about taking up teaching or something that might not take so long...



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HI congratulations on this tough task, but do not give up. Take your classes, learn as much as you can, get prepared because it will be worth it in the end. Try to get a job in a hospital, so you can learn and see what you want.

There are jobs out there as CNA's, technicians, OR techs, admission clerks, and many others

During this time, you can make some money and gain valuable experience in the health care industry.

Hey check the website there are so many videos you can watch and learn anatomy and physiology, just type the topic.

There are other areas as well with demand( Respiratory therapists, xray therapists, but nursing will give you more opportunities in the long run.

Faith and keep going okay.

wish you the best in your career choice


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Such innocence:). Why not look for something to do on the side while you continue to your dreams.

Hope deferred does not mean delayed.If you want it badly enough, it will come.I said a little prayer for you:)


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Such innocence:). Why not look for something to do on the side while you continue to your dreams.

Hope deferred does not mean delayed.If you want it badly enough, it will come.I said a little prayer for you:)

thanks alot...i really appreciate that!


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First of all, take a deep breath. It will be ok. You don't have to figure out what to do with the rest of your life tonight.

You say that you want to be a nurse and can't see yourself doing anything else. If that is how you really feel, then commit yourself to your dream. Nursing school is long and very difficult and if you don't want it very badly it is easy to quit. You will not be making good money for awhile yet. Keep in mind, however, that going to school to become a teacher is also long and very difficult. If you want a career that you can stay in for many years, if not the rest of your life, you have to make some significant sacrifices now - like lack of money, hours of study, and scraping by 'til you get through.

It sounds like you are doing what you need to do - getting your pre-nursing classes done and following up with your school to see what your next steps are. Two years is a significant time on a waiting list so you may want to explore other options in your area while you continue your pre-nursing classes. There may be other programs that could work that would be quicker.

Good luck to you.


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When I was in school and starting out trying to decide what I wanted to do, everything seemed like it was going to take forever. The waiting list to get into the nursing program at the university I was at was about the same length of wait. After I looked into that option I set out a plan and had my options A and B set into motion. While I finished up my pre-nursing classes and got everything together I needed, I looked at what the other university in town required as well as the community college, since all provided the same RN education. Once I was done with my pre-nursing classes I applied to all of the schools in town. In the mean time I was able to get my minor in Psychology at the university I was at, which has helped me a lot throughout school and in the clinical area. I wasn't able to get into the universities in town because of the waiting list but I was able to get into the community college, which like I said, was the same RN education. My point is, be calm, all good things come to those who wait, and have a back-up plan for your back-up plan. When I was choosing what I wanted to do in school I picked 2 areas of study, nursing and psychology. While taking my nursing pre-reqs I would take one other class for psychology. I had many friends take classes for things like child care, teaching, sociology, things like that, which were their back-up plans. Nursing school is a long and tough road, as many others have told you already, but if it is truly what you want then there is nothing like it in the world. You will do great and have faith, your time for nursing school will come soon enough. :D

Dont quit, no matter what. If this is what you really want to do then stick with it. I was a nursing student at the ITT-tech. I should be graduating soon, but I was kicked out of the program back in october. I had developed a serious infection that caused me to miss a clinical without calling in. The program chair wouldnt even let me explain why I missed and gave me the boot - right out the door. I am in the process of appealing her decision, but even if I do win, I dont think I want to go back. Im so hurt by her decision to dismiss me. Now I have to start all over at another school. Pre-reqs and everything. I have applied to Ivy tech, they have a reputable nursing program, and are nationally accredited unlike ITT-tech. If nursing is truly in your heart, then dont quit. My babysitter is in her mid to late 40's. she is a pre-nursing major. An instructor I had at ITT was in her 60's and was just now going back for her masters. It may take time, but when you finally get there- youll be glad you waited it out.

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:twocents: I was in a similar situation when I 1st started in school. There was a 2 year waiting list at my community college. I had already had some of my core aka pre-nursing classes completed by that time.

I could have waited 2 years and then got into a 2-year program or I could have taken as many classes that would transfer and then go to a 4-yr program with no waiting list. The time difference between these options was only 6 months so I went with the BSN program instead. There are a lot more options open for you with a BSN in regards to career advancement and specializing (so i have been told).

In the meantime you could always get a STNA certificate or get an EMT-B certificate in only 1 semester. This way you are still helping others and you will have one up on patient care over your classmates when it comes to clinical. I wish I would have done the EMT-B prior to nursing because I found out later that it would have been useful for the type of field I want to get into someday (flight nursing).

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It can take time but is worth it! I'd focus on both right now, getting a job that will support you over the next few years while you are in school and also chipping away at your pre-req classes. I'm sure that your school isn't the only one in the area offering a nursing program so I'd investigate the others also. Can you waitress or bartend? Its a fun atmosphere, great money and mostly evening/weekend hours. Best of luck to you.


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I am 39 years old and have been in Law Enforcement for 12 years. I had a double transplant in Jan of 2007 and my son was born at 29 weeks last Nov 2008. This is why I wanted to get into Nursing, and so far I have a 4.0 GPA and starting my second trisemester. I took the NET and passed, but the Math part barely. I did get in on my first try. Don't get discouraged, because it will happen. I applied for 2 Nursing schools and 2 law schools and got accepted to both Nursing schools which I applied. When taking the NET, go to Barnes and Noble and buy the Nursing exam book that has study guides for 8 different Nursing exams, NCLEX, HOBET, NET, etc I think it is 19.99. You will do fine.

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In the meantime you could always get a STNA certificate or get an EMT-B certificate in only 1 semester. This way you are still helping others and you will have one up on patient care over your classmates when it comes to clinical.

If you want to start earning money sooner AND get relevant experience, this is good advice. No, the money isn't as good as nursing, but you won't be able to start making nursing money for awhile either way. If you're going to be working at lower pay anyway until you become a nurse, why not get into in a line of work that will be an asset to your future nursing career? It may not work for you but it's food for thought! Best wishes!


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thanks everyone for the support...I will hang in there and wait for as long as it takes!