Do i still need CES CGFNS for Michigan, if i already passed NCLEX in California?

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I'm educated in the Philippines, just passed the NCLEX :yeah: applied in California.

I live here in Michigan, but in order to practice here they are requiring me to have CES, CGFNS evaluation :eek: which takes a long time, how does it work? :confused: I don't understand it. :uhoh3: Is the CGFNS responsible for directly sending my papers to my school in the Philippines? Is there any way that i can get the papers needed to be signed and i'll have my family take it to the school so we know what's going on. This is so frustrating. :crying2:

Michigan BON also requires Language Proficiency, but i am an American citizen since starting college. Do i still need these?

Why would i need CGFNS if i already passed my NCLEX?

thanks for all your help guys :heartbeat , i'm a very confused Newbie nurse :nurse:

God bless you all!

Ask the Michigan BON. I'm sure you'll get the answers to all of your questions if you take them to the right people from the start.

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U will need the CGFNS; U are a graduate of a foreign nursing school.

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Unfortunately, Michigan requires a Course-by-Course Report completed by CES for any nurse who received their education outside the US (with the exception of those educated in Canada). If you were educated in a country where the language of instruction is not English, you also need a CGFNS Language Report of English Proficiency. Your other option is to take and pass the CGFNS certification exam. All these requirements are processed through CGFNS ( so you'll have to visit their website and find out how to apply for the requirements. All documents must be sent directly to the BON by CGFNS. All school transcripts must be sent directly by your school to CGFNS, not by you or your family. I know it's frustrating but those are the rules in Michigan regardless of your US citizenship.

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If you trained outside the US then you are and generally always be classed as Foreign trained and still have to meet the state requirements for Foreign trained. If CES is required then generally you are the one responsible for the documents to be sent to CGFNS from your nursing school etc. The only exception I am aware of is New York and CVS where you pay for CGFNS to send for your documents who will then forward to New York.

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