Do you prefer more tests or less?


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I'm in a program that has 3 exams and a final exam. With the final being worth 28% of our grade. Those are the only four grades we have. I'm pretty stressed. The tests are 100 questions each with the final having 150. So what do you prefer, more tests with less questions or few tests with lots of questions?


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My classes have two tests and maybe a paper, so each exam is 40% - the first, you're sort of getting to know the professor's style, how they ask questions, what they emphasize. So imagine my surprise when a med surg test has more questions on cultural considerations than ABGs and nursing interventions (because that's just her style - lesson learned the hard way). Plus, the more questions - the more forgiving it is if you get a few wrong. You have some leeway. I bombed my last test I have to ace the next one just to end up in the B range, which is really a tall feat. I would love a few more tests with more questions so I don't have to worry about getting five questions wrong and flunking the semester.


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I preferred how my nutrition class was set up. A 10 question quiz every week (13) over power points and lecture from the previous week, a presentation, project, and a final that consisted of 100 questions taken from the quizzes. No tests other than final. My mental health nursing class has a test every 3 chapters.

More tests and quizzes. My fundamentals class has 4 tests and a final. And a ton of quizzes. The quizzes can make you have that .1 of a point you need to pass or the difference between an A and a B.


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Just more in general. I have a class that has a three-page paper, a five-page paper, and a midterm, each worth 30% with "participation" being worth 10%. Really? 30% of my grade for a 3 page paper?


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More! Some classes are harder to know how to do well in until it's too late! I also think the grade shouldn't be dependent on just test scores. That is not indicative of how much you've learned! All the papers, assignments, quizzes, etc should help too.