Do you play music in your office?

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fetch, BSN, RN

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I'm the type of person who gets antsy without some kind of background noise at all times, so I definitely have music in my clinic! My district has net nanny blocking most internet radios though, so I bring in CDs and import them to my work computer - mostly soundtracks. In December I was able to use the iTunes internet radio interface to play Christmas songs.

My most played albums are Best of Disney and the soundtrack to The Social Network - two very different moods!


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Definitely! I have a radio that I keep near my desk and it plays 99% of the time. It's like white noise most of the time, but helps the day move along and I can stay on top of the news as well...


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When my Diabetic/ADHD student is low and needs to stay with me until he has a FSB of atleast 70, we play a reverse musical chairs. He can choose any (school appropriate) song to be played. The second he gets up or tries to walk around, the music shuts off. It's been working pretty well!

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