Do you perform the Epley maneuver?


This is a question for primary care NPs. Do you perform the Epley manueuver on patients suffering BPV?

Does it require special training, or can it safely be done after observing videos, reading about it, etc.?


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No special training needed that I'm aware of. In fact, probably preferable because it can be done in a primary care office and doesn't cost anything. Use Dix-Hallpike to find the affected ear and start in that position for this maneuver. From anecdotal evidence via other practitioners, don't stand very close to their head because they might vomit, especially during Dix-Hallpike. If this doesn't work, look at other options. If you watch youtube videos about the maneuver, many patients have seen the videos and do this for themselves at home after having it done at the office the first time because it works for them.


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All the time.

Teach patient to do the maneuver at home as well.

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Yes. I also give my patients a hand-out with home exercises. I do ask them if they have recently eaten before I do the maneuver. Have an empty trash basket handy if they say yes! :eek:


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If you have access to Up To Date, there's a nice graphic that you can print to give the pt for home use.