Do per diem positions get orientation/training?


I'm an ICU nurse of 1.5years. Im trying to get into postpartum nursing. There are rarely openings posted but I've come across a few per diem positions. All I've done is ICU since becoming an RN so I definately need training. Do per diem positions get orientation/training? Thanks for any advice.


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I may be wrong but usually per-diem positions require experience in that area of nursing. So an ICU nurse probably wouldn't be able to go to postpartum per diem. My hospitals give 2 shifts with a preceptor for per-diem then you are on your own. Maybe you could contact the manager and see if you could work part time there for a month or so then shift to per-diem. Good luck.


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Usually these positions go to very experienced nurses. I have had several per-diem positions. They have different names but usually are just about the same thing. High pay, few benefits and little orientation. The best thing about them is they give you complete control over your schedule but the high hourly wage is nice also. However, hospitals can and do made up the rules and I can't say for sure there wouldn't be a case where a longer orientation is involved.


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Yes but it varies as to amount of time by unit and hospital. You need to ask this question of the manager of the unit in which you plan to work. Good luck!


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My first job out of nursing school was a PRN position in PP. I got about 4 wks of real orientation. But where I worked PRN people did not make a higher salary. I LOVED being PRN in PP. Go for the PRN position. It is totally different from ICU but I am sure you will be able to pick it up quickly.

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I was hired per diem on a hem/onc unit as a new grad, and am almost finished my 12 wk orientation, which is standard for new grads at this hospital. I am required to work 36 hrs/wk during orientation to maximize experience. So I think it depends on the facility/situation. I have heard staff here say that they "usually" don't hire new grads for per diem, but they did in my case!

Good luck!

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