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Published most people pass the NCLEX on the first try? It seems that most people on this board are passing on the 1st try and with 75 questions. I am scared. I take mine on 7/11. Do those that have taken it think it was really that awful? Any insight helps. :uhoh21:

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Nationally, the pass rate is approx. 80-85% for those taking the test for the first time. Lots of good info on the test plan and scoring at and Hope this helps.

Good luck to all of us. :)


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I would think it depends on how long you have been out of school. If you take it immediately, then I would think the odds would be much greater since the imformation is still in the memory. The longer you wait, I would think the chances would decrease or at least be harder. I took mine on Wednesday, and I know that if I had waited till August like some of the people in my class, I wouldn't have remembered anything...or I would have gone completely crazy by then:chuckle

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