Do nurseries still have "baby rockers"?

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Maybe this is a silly question:) but do hospitals still have nursery volunteers ie: baby rockers? I haven't got to OB in school yet so I'm not familiar with the policies...I wasn't sure if they still existed due to security issues, but I figured I'd run it by you guys before I inquire with the hospital so I'm not mistaken for a potential baby abductor, lol!! :eek: :eek: It's just something I'd really enjoy doing right now, anyway thanks for any info!

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Our hospital has a "cuddler" program: volunteers who come into NICU to hold and comfort sick, but recovering, patients. They are screened, get oriented; they also have to wait a LOOONNNG time for there to be a "slot" open. It's a very popular program! They come for 2-4 hours/week; they can hold, feed, change babies as long as they are comfortable and the RN responsible for the baby is comfortable w/them doing stuff. Needless to say, an RN is always present to supervise.

You could call area hospital volunteer offices to see if they have such a program. We actually hired a new grad who started out as a cuddler!!


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Ditto prmenrs' response.

BTW, prmenrs, I looooooooove your quote!!! So true, so true!!


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Thanks guys! That sounds perfect, I'll have to check into that!:D

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