Do Not Go To Emory Accelerated DABSN

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Pre-nursing students, 

I highly recommend you rethink before doing Emory DABSN. I am graduating, and I would never recommend this program to anyone. This program is the most unorganized and unprofessional program there is for 80k. #2 nursing program in the country? Please. Do not attend this program if you are looking to be supported during nursing school. The director, faculty, and staff are the most unhelpful and disorganized people. I regret being a part of this program and wish I had someone to tell me to not waste my time. Sure you get done in 11 months but if you don't want to go through hell and back I would not recommend this. They preach on "advocating for yourself" but get mad and retaliate against you when you do. They say they will offer support, but never do. You will not be in any other clinicals than Med Surg. So you have to fight to get a job in other areas because hospitals will be hesitant to hire you if you have no experience. The whole program is full of constant stress and false promises. Beware 


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I'm graduating too, and agree completely. Unprofessional and unorganized. I guarantee 95% of our class feels the same. 


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How are there NP programs and the other regular nursing programs - MN?



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I am interested in how Emory's master's programs are as well.

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What a ripoff!  Taking you to the cleaners just to get a nursing degree in a short time.  Financially it is not worth it.  Thanks for sharing your experience re the lack of clinical experiences etc.   Especially sad when you have spent so much.

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