Do we need ANA membership??

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I am brand new RN and I was wondering;

Do we, as professionals, need memberships like ANA and do we need our own ??

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No. I bought because in the long run it'll be cheaper for me than if I was one of the unlucky ones who had a suit brought against them. Most RNs do not need it but then it is impossible to tell who will be the unlucky RN named in a suit. I also like the idea of having my own lawyer to consult too as that is in my insurance policy.

I joined two professional organizations ENA and AACN because I like the articles and free CEs. It is really useful to read about different techniques and advances that are going on.


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Thank you for the quick response back applesxoranges. I really appreciate your input. I never thought about AACN. Hmmmi will look into it.

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First and foremost, we as nurses DO need -you may need representation during a time when your employer is in litigation or if your actions (good, bad or indifferent) may have you appear in front of the BON.

There are associations that help with networking professionally with other nurses, assist with national and local issues that affect nurses and help grow your practice-by providing continuing education and certifications that help you become an "expert" in your specialty.

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I joined ANA. Just for the information. I am getting ready to join NAON (ortho nursing). It helps. Def get your own insurance.

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