Do you know any nursing schools will accept Deaf to be in nursing program?

U.S.A. Missouri


I hope anyone can help me with this. I was in nursing program in Springfield, Missouri but they kicked me out because I am deaf two years ago even though I passed my clinical and classes. I am still upset with them. It took me awhile to set my feet, and keep on going to be successful as a nurse. Any suggestions?



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Wow. Interesting question. I know there are a lot of EEOC issues that can be involved in a request such as yours -- have you inquired about that?

That being said, how could they accept you for a program, then kick you out AFTER the fact?!?!

I would imagine that the difficulties of being a deaf nurse would make it seemingly hard for you to do the job -- call lights, communicating with patients, hearing things that are going on such a heart rate, etc. But I know accomodations have been made for other types of physical issues.

Have you done any web searches on sites such as or posted threads to other locations on

Here is one thread I found offhand doing a quick search:

But it appears there's actually a forum you can go to and perhaps post some questions related to your issues there:

I wish you the best!!


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Honey get a lawyer........challenge it!!! I have a cousin that is deaf he wouldnt put up with this at all!!! Sky is the limit with all the jobs an RN can do!!


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check out Americans with disabilities act, you have rights

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