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Do you know any hospital that offers IV Certification Class?


I recently passed nclex and waiting for the actual license in the mail. Do I have to be IV certified right away to increase my chances of landing a job? If so, do you know any hospital in North Jersey that offer the course and how much? Your input will be highly appreciated. Thanks!

Most places don't require it but with this job market it couldn't hurt. I was thinking of doing it as well, had my license 2 monthes now and only getting offers 4 per diem and no hospital call backs. The only one i found is in newark and its $300 at udmnj - . Just google iv certification in nj and it will be the first thing that pops up. Good luck:)

Hi All,

This being my 1st post I want to say Thank You for all of the wonderful stories and advice that has come from this site. Im not sure I could have made it through nursing school without all of you!

In response to the post, I too looked into IV certification course, problem being that once classwork is complete I believe you need to have "X" amount of IV starts to actually get a certification. If unemployed such as I am there is no way to fulfill these requirements.

Someone please correct me if im wrong.



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Morristown Hospital and Overlook Hospital in the Atlantic Health Systems also have an iv cert course, I believe its 2 days & also $300.

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