Do I really need a BSN?


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I too have a previous Bachelors (Biology too!) and Moogie's above rationale was precisely the reason why I went the DEMSN route (Clinical Nurse Leader tract). In the long run, its going to be beneficial for me to have the advanced degree. And I am okay with making the same as other new grads (ADN or BSN) after I graduate. I have no experience. It would be silly for me to think that right off the bat I deserve to make more. But it will be a bargaining point later on and will open more opportunities to me. I have ambitions to go even further with me education, especially after a good 5+ years at the bedside under my belt, and my MSN will help that cause.

So I guess my advice is that you got to think about not just about your immediate future, but what you want in the long run.

Could you tell me exactly what a DEMSN/ Clinical Nurse Leader tract is? I have no idea

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DEMSN=direct entry masters of science in nursing. Its an accelerated program for those who have a bachelors in an unrelated field. Many of these programs are popping up, much like the direct entry BSN (again, designed for those who have a previous degree in a field other than nursing). Its just a different way to get your nursing license.

here is more on the CNL (Clinical Nurse Leader) role: