Do I need to take legal actions???


Hi I am new to this site and I pray that I was get some insight to my stressful situation.

I was on a waitlist for 3 years for the rn program at CCD starting in 2003. I finally got called in to the nursing program. I thought all was good. It turned out to be a bridge program so I would get a Lpn license and bridge on to the rn associates program. I took the offer, because I was anxious to get started with my career. I know look back on the situation and feel that it was the worst mistake I could have made.

My school canceled the bridge program and let down several students (50+) who were promised to start the program in fall of 2008. Students were concerned and continually asked if we were on the list for fall 2008 briddge program. The staff said yes heres your name don't worry.

Now it canceled and they are saying we will be put back onto a waitlist that may take 5 years because they will only let in 10 people with high gpa at a time. This was never noted when I sign up for the program. I would not have entered and would have waited for another school to call my name. I have a one paper showing that I was suppose to bridge. My friend has a few more.

It was mention by a few other students that they wanted to take legal actions. Can I do this? Do i have enough to pull me?

I wasted my time on a certificate that I was not entending on getting. I signed up for the RN program not the lpn program. I do not have the time to wait on another waitlist, or waste time retaking course, nor do I have the money. This is just not how the education system sould work. It is not right.

Any advise:angryfire:uhoh3:


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Question-Are you currently a LPN?!


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I will take my test march 18


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If you are becoming an LPN then I don't think you wasted your time. Once you pass your boards and are licensed you can probably find a community college or even an online program to get your RN. Chances are you can even work as a LPN while doing so.

If you have a contract with this school and they renaged on their offer damn straight I'd be calling a lawyer.

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Will taking legal action get you anywhere? If it gets you accepted into their program, don't expect any warm fuzzies. You will be branded as a trouble maker. I'd take my energy and concentrate it on my original goal. Law suits are notorious for being time consuming and expensive.

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This is simply a friendly and cordial reminder that any type of legal advice is not permitted to be exchanged on these forums. However, all of the other aspects of the original poster's plight shall be freely addressed and discussed. ;)


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Good luck on taking the LPN Boards!

Just as you would consult a health care expert for health care issues, consider consulting a legal expert on your legal questions. Most initial consults are free. Check with your local bar association for a reputable attorney or two and get their advice.

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