Do I need to have a personal vehicle in order to work as a "street nurse"

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Tomorrow I have an interview for a street nurse position and the description says I need a DL and insurance. While I do have a license, I don't have a car or insurance. I'm not sure why job description explicitly states that a driver's license and insurance is required, unless they expect me to transport someone or something in a personal vehicle. This role would mean working primarily for patients who don't have housing. I am wondering if anyone has any tips for how I can land this job and what kind of questions I need to be ready for. I am thinking of wearing a face mask and wondering if wearing a mask to a nursing interview is still acceptable in 2024? I'm not worried about Covid, however, I don't want the recruiters to think I'm ugly or that I won't wear a mask on the job to avoid the spread of infection if I don't wear a mask. My current job still expects us to wear masks while at work. If anyone has advice on how to be successful in "street nursing/community health nursing" or what to expect in the interview please let me know. I really want this job.

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I've never heard of a "street nurse" Unless it is an agency that is going to provide you with a vehicle, I'd think they are expecting you to provide your own transportation. I was a home health aide, and then a supervisory RN part time for the HH agency, and I had to drive myself to where I had to go. 

Unless you live in a city that you will be able to take public transportation to all visits, my gut is telling me you need a vehicle. (which you can write mileage off)

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Do you mean like street outreach in the unhoused/indigent population? I've done that sort of work before. Depending on the area in which you live, they may be requiring a vehicle depending on how vast your assigned area is. It's also hard to carry EVERYTHING you might need in a backpack. 

Again, a lot of this depends on your geographic area. 

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This is a definitely a question for the hiring manager. I worked for 2 ACT teams where we had company cars, but they don't all have those. 

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