Do I need a BSN if I have a MA & years of research experience?

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I am trying to decide between attending an ADN and a BSN program.

I have a MA in Psych and have worked in Psychiatry research in hospitals for YEARS.

Do you all think I could get a good nursing job with an ADN, or would I still need a BSN?

That last year of coursework that gives one a BSN - is it mostly research and administrative types of courses? Because I have YEARS of experience with those types of things in hospital settings already,

and I want to begin working as a nurse as affordably and quickly as possible.

I am not doing an accelerated program because they cost SO MUCH MONEY, and I have a lot of family to feed. I would like to do community college route. Most of them only offer ADN programs.

What would you all recommend?

Would ADN be okay?

Thank you!

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Like someone else said, too, you can bridge to an MSN if you already have a BA/BS. GCU and Univ. of Phoenix both offer programs like that.

I think GCU's RN-BSN route is like 16.5k in total. You should request information on that at GCU/Phoenix as well as at your local universities.

A little off topic here. Just wanted to point out that while it is true that one can bridge from ADN to MSN with another bachelors degree, it is also possible to bridge from ADN to MSN whith no other bachelors degree. In many such program no BSN is earned in the process. One would graduate with an ADN and an MSN and no other dgerees. Just FYI

It's important to consider the job market you plan to enter. Many hospitals - for good reasons or otherwise - are phasing out RN's with Associate degrees and only hiring RN's with BSN degrees. This trend is accelerating so if you go for an ADN you are aiming at a window that is continuing to close. Still, it's a window, and you could make it through and then do RN to BSN.

Assuming 1) that you already have a BA, and 2) that you will have to complete some pre-requisite classes first, all things being equal, you could spend 2 years getting an ADN or 2 years getting a BSN. With a BA, many BSN programs will let you apply directly into the program as a Junior. (Assuming! that you have the necessary pre-reqs, grades, test scores, etc. But you will require these for either program. "Some" ADN programs may be less competitive, but don't take that for granted! There are great ADN programs out there, too.)

The ABSN (accelerated BSN) program at my university was a full 12 months; it cost about the same as the 2 year (Jr and Sr years) of the normal BSN program. So don't rule out an ABSN because of cost alone.

If you can't swing a BSN or ABSN program then find a good community college ADN program. I did most of my prereqs at a community college and it was a terrific school. I would have been very proud to earn an ADN through that school. But I also got into a BSN program. They both started at the same time, and since I had a previous BA my choice was to spend two years in school for an Associates or two years in school for a Bachelors. I went the BSN route.

Good luck whichever way you decide to go.

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