Do I give up? Dreadful wait after job interview.


Hello! This is my first post here at Allnurses! Here's my situation:

I had my very first LPN job interview on August 31st . at a SNF. I think the interview went really well, nothing happened that would make me think otherwise. The interviewer asked a series of questions, including asking if my name was posted on the BON yet, and it wasn't, as I had just passed the NCLEX a few days before (quick results said I passed.) She said she couldn't officially” hire me until my name is posted. The interview ended with the interviewer having me fill out a sheet for a background check and that I would receive a phone call.

1 week passed and I had received a letter in the mail requesting the $50 to post my license. I sent that off immediately. The next day I decided to call the SNF and let them know my name would be posted soon! (since I hadn't heard anything) The receptionist said she would let (the interviewer) know and took my number down.

Another week passed, and my name was posted on the board. I still hadn't heard anything ! So I decided to call them again to check on the status of my application and to let them know that my name was posted. This time I got the interviewer on the phone. Interviewer said I really appreciate you calling, the hiring manager has been on vacation for the past week. There is going to be a meeting with the hiring manager tomorrow to discuss staffing needs.

Another week has passed and I still haven't heard anything. Should I give up? I REALLY want this job! It's been 3 weeks since my interview. What's the longest you have waited before receiving a definite answer?

I would love peoples opinions! Thanks

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I've waited several weeks over the holidays, so it's not totally unheard of. On the other hand, it's a good idea to keep your options open and keep applying at other places. They may call you eventually, but it doesn't sound like they have any desperate need right now.


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Four months lol! But that was because they had put a hold on the position until after the first of the year so I didn't get an offer until four months after my first interview. I had one interview in October of last year, a second interview in November that went very well and then...silence. I was offered the position in late January and started February 1st of this year. In the meantime I was doing agency work and had even accepted a full-time position at another job. Sometimes it just takes time :)

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Do you have another job offer to force an immediate decision?

If not, then you really have no choice but to wait. I guess you could "give up" in your head, but that won't affect the eventual outcome. They will either offer it or not and in the meanwhile life goes on and you continue to look for a job.

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I would continue to look for other jobs. Based on the way they are treating you, the organization's need for a nurse is not urgent because they are not acting with a sense of immediacy.

You may receive a callback in a few weeks. It might be a few months. It might be never. In other words, it is time to spread your eggs into other baskets.


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I don't have another job offer right now. This is the only place I have applied to because I have wanted to work here since having a community clinical here 6 months ago. I guess things don't always work out the way we expect them to.

I am just not sure how long I should wait until giving up my dream of working here and start applying elsewhere. :(

Edit: Thank you for the quick responses! I will start applying elsewhere.


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Never had a 3 week wait for a job unless I was not going to get hired.