Do Home Health Aides wear scrubs



I am a CNA working as a Home Health Aide in NJ. I work with a 14 year old with a neuromuscular disorder. The family has asked me not to wear scrubs. I just wanted to see if other Home Health Aides wore scrubs or do you go to work in street clothes? I would rather wear scrubs as they are easier to move around in and dry faster after giving a bath. Does the family have a say in this?


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I would ask your supervisor. Your agency dictates what uniform is acceptable for their employees, but they usually advise one to go with the wishes of the family. If you do not want to wear street clothes, (which I don't blame you), I suggest you ask for a different case, if the supervisor insists you go along with the family on this. After all the family is not reimbursing you for work clothing.


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i've had people ask me the same thing, please wear street cloths (usually a privacy issue for them). i basically tell them one of the reasons i do what i do is because i get to wear scrubs (comfortable work cloths), they generally get the message and that's it. however, i have reached compromises before, i've worn shorts or jogging pants and a t-shirt instead of scrubs.