Do you ever volunteer or even have the time to?


I have always been interested in volunteering and helping in aid missions both domestic and foreign. Even though I haven't even started ns, I realize that nursing is a demanding job both mentally and physically and would like to know if as a nurse you have time to volunteer whether it be in local clinics or even with relief organizations in places like Africa or South America. How were your experiences? Would you do it again?


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I volunteer local as an EMT and I have been on a few trips overseas. My experiences were GREAT and it helped me see what what was important in life..things such as family rather than material things.

I am going on a trip next summer to Guatemala to volunteer in a clinic so that shows I love these trips. A friend of mine just got back from Africa. Another went to Jamaica and someone else went to the Bahamas.


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I volunteer in a local clinic, but not as much as I'd like.....

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