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Do these events require any action before applying for RN license in California?

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by CrazyCoconut CrazyCoconut (Member)

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I think it's safe to say I don't have a criminal history or anything. But I was wondering if anyone could cue in if I need to take action for any of these events in my past before applying for the RN license. It's relatively few.

Before 18:

- Age 13, brought weapons to school. Was charged with a misdemeanor. Had to serve community service, attend remediation school before going to high school. After 18, I sealed the record.

After 18:

-Car accident in rear - not at fault

-Received a traffic violation for failing to stop on a one-way street with a school bus stop sign. Tried to appeal in court, but was denied. Paid the fine and that was it.

-Car accident in front - not at fault

For the record, I checked the CA DMV for my driver's record and it's a clean slate. No convictions, no departmental actions, no failures to appear, no endorsements. The only thing that pops up is a car accident last year (I got hit in the front).

Does anyone know if the above requires action? And if so, what do I do?

Thank you.

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traumaRUs has 27 years experience as a MSN, APRN and works as a Asst Community Manager @ allnurses.

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Moving to nursing licensure with criminal history forum.

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Rockclimbingnurse works as a RN.

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Check the CA Board of Nursing website. Each state is different- for example, in the state I applied to only requires reporting if the traffic violation involves drugs/alcohol. In some states you only have to report if you were convicted.

These links may help:

Board of Registered Nursing - Applicant Frequently Asked Questions

Board of Registered Nursing - License Discipline and Convictions

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