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Do camps ever hire GN's with a temp lisc in PA

I am a GN with a Temp practice permit in PA does anybody know of any camps in PA that hire GN's?:yeah:

Jolie, BSN

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Check with the PA BON regarding practice restrictions for GNs. Most states require GNs to be directly supervised by licensed RNs. If the camps you are considering are staffed with multiple RNs, it may be possible for you to be hired. If you would be the only nurse, then probably not.

I worked as a GN as my very first job. There was an MD at the camp and the state board said that was fine. That was a long, long time ago, though, so please double check with the Board in your own state.

There are so many camps in Pennsylvania--I'm sure you'll be able to find a job. Many of them are wealthy camps with multiple nurses. Try Camp Blue Ridge, for one--I don't know for sure about GNs, but I know they have several nurses. If you google "Pennysylvania summer camps" or use the search engines at acacamps.com or campstaff.com, you'll find plenty of websites to look at... then start emailing.

There are multiple camps listed for PA here,


I agree, as long as an RN or MD is present, you will work under their certificate. I worked with GNs and EMTs at summer camp in the past.It also depends on the camp and how many nurse spots they have to fill. I would contact the camps and check their needs.

good luck:redpinkhe

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