DNP student's project's proposal and IRB approval


Hi! Is anyone else a current DNP student who is also struggling with getting permission to just START their capstone project? I am graduating with my post-Master's DNP degree in May 2017, yet I have not started implementing my project yet. :( I have spent the past five months writing and editing my proposal over and over again, due to the very picky comments of my professors. A week ago i finally obtained approval from my professors to do my project. Now I am waiting to hear back from IRB with regards to them approving my project proposal….but I have to get approval from both my graduate school and also the university in which I work because that is where I'll be implementing my project. The first place gave me approval within two days but now the second site is wondering if I need to do a complete IRB form (different from the first form I did for the first site) for it first. :(

Just wondering if other DNP students have gone through all this red tape that I have been going through…all just to do a non research QI project!



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I didn't do a DNP, just my Master's but still had to get IRB approval because it involved human subjects. The process was extremely time-consuming and complex. I had to get IRB from my school (which was unexpectedly frustrating) and my hospital (which was a 3-month process because the IRB board only met once/month). And then I had to do the whole thing over when I wanted to use a Spanish version. It worked out in the end but it was definitely nerve-wracking!


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I am entering a DNP program, and just finished MSN. It took me well over a full semester to get IRB approval. It was VERY nerve wracking! I had to clear through two IRBs, one for my university and one for the facility where I was conducting my MSN research. I too spent hours and hours rewriting things, but eventually it all paid off.

Hang in there it will happen for you too and you will breathe a huge sigh of relief!

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Thanks guys! Good to know I'm not alone. Thanks for the encouragement...I am hanging in there!! :)


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Sorry to resurrect an old(ish) thread, but felt it was better to add to a pertinent one than add to the detritus that is here. I perused several pages in this sub-forum to see if there were more insightful posts to learn from but nothing quite fit my goal.

What I am curious to learn is what methodologies are most often required/used, what theories are supporting your study, what populations were studied, how you sampled them... et cetera.

I do have a topic in mind, but how I craft my problem/purpose statement depends of course on if I do qualitative, quantitative, or mixed-methodology.

I've looked at some repositories of projects but sifting through several that are of no interest to me left me feeling bereft as I felt they lacked substantive value. (not surprised, though).


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QI or educational information is IRB exempt. I did my DNP project on Simulation in which I have the Chair approve my Simulation in our local University so no separate IRB is needed because it only involves teaching the faculty about improving Simulation. Good luck, you are going to do well.