dm hydration low sugar gatoraide?


I have a pt who refuses carb controlled diet, and to hydrate with water with rising bs over 200, under Dr care. What else is acceptable to drink? I was wo.seeing about the lower sugar gatoraid called G2?

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NO Gatorade product is for normal hydration especially diabetics. There is 14 grams of sugar PER SERVING there is 4 servings per container that's 56 GRAMS of sugar in the light version bottle!!!!!!! Besides the 330mg of sodium


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G2 is not low sugar. It may be slightly lower than gatorade but, it's still a sports drink and those drinks are full of sugar. If the patient refuses that's up to him, but I'd still advise to drink water.

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I have a pt who refuses carb controlled diet' date=' and to hydrate with water with rising bs over 200, under Dr care. What else is acceptable to drink? I was wo.seeing about the lower sugar gatoraid called G2?[/quote']

Maybe crystal light since it comes in many flavors and they have the pouches that you can pour into bottled water. There are not healthy I know, but for a patient who is non compliant and the goal being to keep them hydrated, something with no sugar is better than the alternative. Good luck.


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Maybe water with some out those flavoring drops

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Gatorade that you buy off the market shelf is going to be high in sugar, even the G2 stuff. That will have less sugar, but it's still relatively high. There's lots of sugar-free and very low sugar (5-10 cal/8oz serving) powders on the market right now and they're actually pretty tasty. Well, most of them anyway!

The version that is put in 5 or 10 gallon jugs for athletes to drink is usually far less concentrated. However modern sports drinks are essentially a Ringer's solution that has been sweetened so that people will drink it. That means you'll have to consider the implications of what the additional electrolytes may do to the patient.

Unless someone exercises for more than about a couple hours or so per day, they're really not likely to need anything else other than water for hydration. At least this is true for most people. If you're really going to be dealing with those folks, they'll want to weigh themselves before and after workout and then do appropriate fluid replacement anyway. They'll know how to do it. It's not that hard...


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Boost makes a glucose control fruit drink called Breeze, not to replace water but just a thought to give an alternative to juices etc..


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Yea that is a lot. Tbe Diabetic sheild one is better. Its clear liquid in flavors. It still has 30g of CHO though. The goal is to keep Carbs consistent in diabetics, so they should have about the same amount of Carbs each meal. We give Carb levels based on metabolic needs.


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What about fresh fruit water for example lemonade, orangeade, grapeade, sweetened with stevia? Other sources of hydration lettuce, cucumbers, squash, watermelon, grapes