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Given the nursing shortage, a ballooning geriatric population, more costly treatments, less money and fewer workers in the coming years, how do you think these factors will come together in the healthcare picture?

Where will tomorrow's nurse fit into that picture?

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EEK...more assisted living facilities seems to be a very large growing trend! And that scares me! Yes, I work in one..and I am trying to understand them and help solve some of the serious probelms with these...but that will take a long time!

Unlicensed care givers giving meds, only one nurse per facility doing assignments and deligations for treatments/meds, wages lowering and jobs leaving because if unlicensed staff can do it..why pay the nurses..unless they don't mind lower wages. My facility only hires 7 nurses and we have 160 residents (one nurse per shift)! That should scare anyone, and I am trying with the help of my DON in establishing criteria for residents...serious parameters a client must pass, in order to even be considered for this type of environment because I have seen WAY to many folks come into our facility that need FAR more direct nursing care!!!!! They are a trend that is getting momentum, and I guess the nurses in this area of nursing should try to help solve some of its many probelms quickly before every town in the nation has one!!!

Like I posted in another thread...I fear with all this "everyone needs quality available healthcare" mindset that pretty soon there are going to be way to many patients for the current staffing situation across our nation. A very scary catch 22...I mean, who wants people NOT to get healthcare...yet if so many influx the system at one time without insentives to providers or lack of them...that will crash on itself making substandard care commonplace for everyone and no one to even give that! Back to DRG's baby..and we fought so hard to bring that idea down to a minimum!

Yeah, my outlook is less than positive..but I still have hope that we can somehow make our oppinions heard via communication with eachother, more healthcare professional advocacy groups, less friv lawsuits being allowed in courts, insentives for healthcare providers and people that wish to get into the field, and a respect level put back on Nurses being PROFESSIONALS and not paid medical maids/butlers, and very serious reform on patient to nurse ratios made by NURSES not some management team or SBN whos memebers haven't walked our floors in years!!!!

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The future of nursing seems to be in foreign recruiting from what I see in my parts.

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