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Well, I'm 20 and I want to be a cna. I was in college completing my pre reqs for nursing school but couldn't complete school (personal reasons). Any way, after about a year I decided that i really want to chase my dream of being a nurse. I want to start as a CNA, but i havent found any programs in my area. The closest one is an hour and a half from where I live! And it is in another state. I am starting to feel discouraged because i want to start a career in the nursing field as soon as possible. I am tired of the regret i have for not finishing what i had started(college). Any suggestions? Thank you in advance. Sorry for the rant 😳😐

Do it! That's the route I took. I got some prerequisites done for nursing school, then took a CNA certification class to get my foot in the door in the medical field. I continued in school to complete prerequisites. Now, I'm on my fist semester of Nursing school and working weekends as a CNA.

If you do become a nurse and are looking for a job as a new grad your CNA experience won't be considered as nursing experience. Typically, working as a CNA in a certain facility can get your foot in the door since your employers will already know you and what kind of employee you are. But you will be considered as having zero nursing experience upon graduating from a nursing program.

The community college I go to offers a CNA course, so maybe check around you at different schools and see if they offer one you can take. I actually did my CNA course through the hospital I worked at at the time, so that could be a possibility as well.

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Try your local Red Cross. That's where I did my cna training.

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