Disclosing Psychiatric Care on Hospital Credentialing Application?

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I just got a job as a new graduate with a private cardiologist however I will be rounding in hospital and require credentialing. I have a history of depression and anxiety and I am being treated outpatient by a therapist and a psychiatrist.

The Florida APRN application asks "During the last two years, have you been treated for or had a recurrence of a diagnosed physical or mental disorder that impaired or would impair your ability to practice?" I answered no, because I have had depression for years (even before nursing) and it has not impaired my ability to practice. 

However, the hospital credentialing application asks "are you under the care of a physician or psychologist?" and if you answer "yes" you are asked to provide the names and addresses of your providers. I feel like this is none of their business and I do not feel comfortable answering this question. I am tempted to lie and say I am not in treatment because I think its a violation and I don't want to open up Pandora's box. 

Any thoughts or suggestions? 


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In your place, I’d just say No. Your personal health and wellness is none of their business. The trouble is if you decompensate and need a medical leave of absence, or accommodations due to your depression and anxiety, not disclosing could come back to haunt you. It’s a shame that we cannot be honest about our mental health at work, but in my experience I’ve done better when I kept quiet about my own diagnosis. Best wishes for a wonderful career. 😊

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So this has been a debate in the medical community for years and has been a reason why some physicians have been reluctant to seek mental health care. Won’t make you feel better but physicians license renewal ask a lot more invasive psychological questions than nursing does. 

As far as credentialing, if you mislead and they find out your position could be in jeopardy, up to including termination. Just as if you mislead on a job application and the employer found out later. You can always write a statement along the lines of “I’m seeking mental health care for a controlled condition and have been stable on that regimen for many years” … or something like that.


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Interesting question...


Wondering if the privacy rule discussed in this applies. Did your credentialing paperwork include a specific authorization for release of this information from your providers? Or are there laws for your state that would require information disclosure?

Best of luck to you!


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My answer would be no. It's no more their business than if you were seeing a GYN for infertility or other doctor for a condition you are proactively managing and have been for years. If you needed special accommodations for the job because of an illness/disease process that is another conversation but otherwise..

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As a traveling nurse with a long history of anxiety and depression, currently being overseen by a psychiatrist and treated with medications, I too do not like answering this question every time I need to fill out a new hospital or contract questionnaire. Though I answer yes. Depression is finally being recognized as a disability. Though not in the same realm as physical disabilities. I feel very comfortable talking about my disease processes; both physical and mental. If anyone wants to question or pass judgment on my work record, I say bring it on! It will be 31 yrs since I graduated nursing school this May and if my experience & expertise isn't wanted, I am confident I will find something else to do. You do what feels most right to you. For it will be you that will need to answer any follow-up questions should they come up. To be honest, I don't feel as if this set of questions is high on the "do not hire" list. 

Best of luck to you!

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