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Who would think that a normally healthy woman would die so swiftly from influenza in June? Could you ever have imagined such a thing? No wonder her family and friends are in shock. So why did... Read More

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    Oxford, Ohio

    No mention of any health conditions, but if there is, I will move this post. Her case is not yet confirmed.

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    A recent graduate of Miami University has reportedly died of swine flu complications. If confirmed, she would be the second Butler County resident to succumb to the illness.
    Family of Kimberly Young, 22, of Oxford, told the media the woman became ill last week and was treated and released from a local hospital. She started feeling sick again Tuesday, Sept. 22, and was flown from Oxford to University Hospital in Cincinnati, where she died, according to Local 12.
    Her grandmother said the family was told Young, who would have turned 23 this weekend, was infected with the H1N1 virus and died of complications, according to Local 12.
    The Ohio Department of Health, the Hamilton County Health District and the Butler County Health Department were unable to confirm Young had been infected with the virus.
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    Jean's daughter got Kimi to go to an urgent care center three or four days after she got sick, but Kimi balked at going to McCullough-Hyde Hospital as her condition worsened.

    There was only one reason for that reluctance.

    "She did not have insurance," said Jean. "After she graduated, she was working a bunch of jobs, but none of them had insurance."

    According to Jean, Kimi went to great lengths to make sure that she didn't alarm anyone about her condition.

    "She was doing everything in her power to not let anyone know how bad it was and that's why things got as bad as they did," she added.

    Jean said Kimi was diagnosed as having swine flu with pneumonia. At the beginning of the week, she showed signs of dehydration and kidney failure.

    That's when Jean's daughter called 911 and Kimi was rushed to McCullough-Hyde Hospital.

    She was later transferred by Air Care to University Hospital in Corryville where she died.
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    Budapest, Hungary

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    A 34-year-old man who died suddenly of a lung haemorrhage was found to be infected with the A(H1N1) virus, the Hungarian health minister said Thursday. Istvan Szekely told the local news agency MTI that the death was particularly worrying, as the young man did not fit any of the risk groups described by the World Health Organization.

    He had showed no sign of fever when he unexpectedly fell ill and died at home. An autopsy revealed infection with the A(H1N1) virus.
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    Haemorrhagic pneumonia was in the 34-year-old man who died on Wednesday, and the autopsy revealed that the H1N1 virus was the organization. He was a second victim of the disease in Hungary.

    Tams Szkely, the man was apparently healthy, last visited the area three weeks ago, a doctor in a trivial injury. The recent period has not been abroad.

    He stressed that the young man's death is also very bad news, because it does not belong to any of the WHO published by risk groups.
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    Pinellas County, Florida

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    A sixth person in Pinellas County has died from the H1N1 virus, but unlike the previous five victims, this person had no known underlying health condition.

    "The flu always has the potential to kill people," said Maggie Hall, spokeswoman for the Pinellas County Department of Health. "It may be more shocking to hear that a 39-year-old with no known health condition has died, but there have been children, there have been people older than 39, who die of the flu every year, but no one reports that."
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    Why yes, Ms Hall. It is shocking to hear that these people with no prior health problems have been dying of flu since last spring with no let up for the summer months. Flu season has not officially even started yet.

    Give it about 2 weeks...
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    Hong Kong

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    A 37-year-old man with a good health record died of human swine flu today at the Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Hospital.

    He developed flu symptoms on September 1 and was admitted to the hospital's isolation ward on September 5.

    He was confirmed to have contracted human swine flu the same day and was treated with Tamiflu and antibiotics. His condition continued to deteriorate that day, and he was transferred to the intensive care unit and put on ventilation support. He died at 8.35am today.
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    Tokyo, Japan

    These two children are said to be stable, but because they had no health problems initially, I am tracking these cases.

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    Department of Health and Welfare Headquarters Kyoto infection Nitto

    September 25, 2009, from the health centers in Tokyo, reported that patients fitted with a ventilator for two new flu so was severe pneumonia cases, and overview of each such case, the Notice as follows.

    The first example: Overview

    1-year-old male patient who lives in Tokyo. Sun in September 2009 from 38.0 advent of 19-degree heat. To consult with a doctor soon, but start with a diagnosis of flu medication Tamiflu, after returning home, an increase for the wheezing, the same day that another seek medical attention.

    Recognition of marked hypoxia and pneumonia after emergency intubation was changing hospital for ventilator management. Conducted promptly after changing hospital influenza kit was positive for type A, September 24 to conduct genetic testing, has confirmed pandemic influenza.

    Currently, the ventilator attached. Being treated with antibiotics. His condition is stable. No underlying disease.

    The second case: Overview[/b]

    4-year-old male patient who lives in Tokyo. September 2009 and emerged from 22nd Sun fever of 39.0 degrees on September 23, where you seek medical attention on the chest X-rays, was admitted to hospital for pneumonia.

    Began to suspect the flu medication Tamiflu, because of worsening respiratory condition, fitted with a ventilator. September 24, three rapid kit were positive for influenza A second type of genetic testing carried out was confirmed pandemic influenza.

    Currently, the ventilator attached. Being treated with antibiotics. His condition is stable. No underlying disease.
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    They announced two local flu deaths in the area(Western Pa) on the TV news this morning. I searched the news paper for more info but couldn't find any. The only thing I could find in local newspaper was an article about a flu death in early Sept up north. I don't know if they are counting that or not. I am interested in hearing about ages and preexisting conditions. I guess we will be hearing more about the local outbreak over next few days now that G20 is over.
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    I wonder how they are realy going to keep track of the virus...sems now docs are just following standard flu precautions-my granson was sick (vomiting) yesterday-ped just told my daughter to watch him for resp difficulty...
  8. by   oramar
    Quote from dscrn
    I wonder how they are realy going to keep track of the virus...sems now docs are just following standard flu precautions-my granson was sick (vomiting) yesterday-ped just told my daughter to watch him for resp difficulty...
    They stopped counting cases months ago. Now, they are merely counting hospitalized cases and deaths.
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    Quote from indigo girl
    Tokyo, Japan

    These two children are said to be stable, but because they had no health problems initially, I am tracking these cases.
    There was a network news article on Friday morning that said so many small children were being affected that pharmacies are running out of liquid Tamiflu.
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    Ft. Worth, Texas

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    The Fort Worth school district said today it has thoroughly cleaned a school after a student died over the weekend.

    Chloe Lindsey, 14, died at Cook Children’s Medical Center on Sunday night, four days after showing signs of illness, her mother told WFAA-TV (Channel 8).

    Tammy Osborne said her daughter had no underlying health condition when she first exhibited low-grade fever on Wednesday. She stayed home from Leonard Middle School on Thursday and went to the doctor on Friday.

    Osborne said she took her daughter to the hospital at 5 a.m. Sunday, and she died about 8 p.m. Doctors said the child suffered from influenza and viral pneumonia.

    “I want everybody to know how fast this happened,” the grieving mother told WFAA. “I tried to do everything the doctor said.”

    Sandra Parker, medical director for the Tarrant County Health Department, would not confirm the child’s identity but referred a reporter to an entry on the Tarrant County Medical Examiner's web site that listed Chloe.

    Parker would not say whether or not the swine flu was a possibility in the death. Further test results are due Tuesday.

    If Chloe’s death were confirmed to be related to the swine flu, or H1N1, it would be among the first locally in which the victim did not have underlying health problems.
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    Knoxville, Tennessee

    I posted on this case earlier, and swine flu is now confirmed.

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    Tina Henson Vick, 43, who was a nurse at Select Specialty Hospital at Saint Mary's died, and her family believed it was because of H1N1.

    Now that the CDC has confirmed it, they wanted to get their story out.

    Tina Vick's family wants everyone to know that the H1N1 virus moves quickly and it can affect anyone.

    "No one thought she was going to die," Ronnie Dunn, Tina's uncle said.

    From a back-row pew at his church Monday, Dunn said he felt comfortable for the first time, talking about his niece's death.

    When doctors handed the paperwork to Tina's family, they took notes: verified by the CDC.
    Influenza H1n1 positive.

    "From the day she was born, she was smiling and she never quit smiling. And she just had the sweetest personality in the world," Dunn commented as he looked at old pictures.

    Dunn was the only family member up for talking.
    And he says they all think it is important they get Tina's story out.

    "Tina Michelle Henson Vick is the first confirmed death in Knox County with the H1N1 swine flu," Dunn repeated.

    Vick's death, he says, is noteworthy because she was healthy and she was a nurse.

    "I think she was exposed to someone while she was at work because there were seven or eight other nurses who went home with flu-like symptoms that weekend," Dunn told Volunteer TV.

    But Tina Henson Vick was the only one who wasn't able to overcome it.

    "Maybe ten people can be exposed to this and nine will be sick for three or four days and recover, and one person may die from it," Dunn said.

    Vick was ill for three days at home before she decided to go to the hospital. From the flu, she developed double pneumonia. Fifteen days after getting sick, she died.
  12. by   lamazeteacher
    How loud and how many times must people be told that any case of flu-like symptoms is to be treated as H1N1?!!!!

    15 days later, is too long!!! 12 days in hospital waiting for lab results is too long!! Tamiflu (or the other anti-virals) given at the earliest time she presented to hospital, might have saved this nurse's life!

    As nurses, we know better than to tell doctors who treat us, how to do their job. However if we know we have flu s/s, and no Tamiflu is prescribed, we'd darn well better open our mouths - and not to expose our tonsils. Please, please, repeat after me: "I'd feel better knowing I have an anti-viral on board, doctor. You would too, wouldn't you?" then drink fluids as you never have before, and believe you will get well. Thinking that the odds are you'll survive, just isn't enough.

    Let's not be a sad statistic.
  13. by   lamazeteacher
    Reading the article in Knoxville's "Volunteer" newspaper, I clicked on the "UT lineman............" article. He was another person who died (H1N1 test not confirmed) without having a prior condition. It seemed that he put his obligations as a football coach, above saving his life, and exposed others to his illness.
    The newspaper reported that Tina's mother became ill, and her physician is making the same mistake that happened with her daughter. He's waiting for the results of her H1N1 test!
    There was no mention that Tamiflu or another anti-viral has been given to her, either.
    H1N1 cannot be treated as other infections have been!!! Yet how many times as an Infection Control Nurse, did I take a culture on patients when the doctor hastily treated empirically with antibiotics, without doing that.......