Hurricane Irma

  1. I live in Florida and so far it looks like hurricane Irma has a good chance of hitting us. If it does I will be required to stay at work until it blows over.
    What are some good things to bring with me in my bag beside the obvious like clothes or toiletries? Should I bring a pillow and blanket? They said they would provide sleeping arrangments but didn't mention what those would be. What are some good snacks to take?

    Our hospital will be providing childcare and pet care, though we are encouraged to make other arrangements if at all possible. I don't have any kids, but I do have a love bird. I live here by myself and don't know anyone here other than co-workers. Should I take her with me or just leave her at home with some food and water and hope I'm not gone too long.
    Any input is greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   Rocket123
    I am CNA I have already been told to report to work Sunday at 2pm with supplies to last me till Wednesday. If I don't go I was told I will be fired and my CNA license will be affected and not in a good way. I work at an assisted living/memory care
  4. by   bluemoon28
    Quote from Rocket123
    I am CNA I have already been told to report to work Sunday at 2pm with supplies to last me till Wednesday. If I don't go I was told I will be fired and my CNA license will be affected and not in a good way. I work at an assisted living/memory care
    We were also told that if we didn't report, we could face termination.
  5. by   Poptart213
    A boat and waist deep fishing waders? Hoping your hospital has higher floors that won't blow down? Seriously though lots of potable water , canned food and dry clothes, hand sanitizer., Any medications,I'd put in waterproof containers, all somehow in a backpack that can be carried easily
  6. by   WanderingWilder
    I'd take the bird with you, you don't know how long it will be before you can leave work.
  7. by   Poptart213
    Oh and also life preservers. Don't leave your pets. They will likely die horrible deaths if you do. Ok second thought , evacuate. CNA/LPN jobs are a dime a dozen in Florida. Unless you are already at work, they can't hurt your license. On the contrary,. They will be held liable for forcing you to go out in dangerous conditions. Good luck. This is cat 4 now and almost cat 5, expected to hit Florida at a full 5. This is not a drill. You may not have a job left either way.
  8. by   CapeCodMermaid
    I'd bring extra bottled water. Food you actually like to eat. Clean clothes.
    I was at work for more than 4 days during a surprise blizzard on Cape Cod. They couldn't force me to go in but I went.
  9. by   Lovekaylanicole
    I signed up for the hurricane team and we are reporting to work tomorrow at 0700 (even though I am nightshift). I was also at work for 3 days last year during Matthew. I will be there Sat-Tuesday and we get double pay. I am bringing my scrubs, PJs, linens, towel, toiletries, water, games, magazines, and snacks. They are providing meals, but I may not like what they are providing. They told us to bring our own linens this year because the amount of laundry last year was apparently ridiculous. We will hopefully be sleeping in our postpartum unit since it will be closed. Stay safe!
  10. by   lorivcochran
    I would bring an air mattress (if hospital fills up bed and stretchers will be used for patients before you get one) a pump for it. Make sure to inflate it early just incase of loss of power. Sheets blanket and pillow. Battery powered flash light. Basically pack as if you were going on a camping trip. Snacks and water. We also usually bring some board and card games to entertain or selves during our off time.
  11. by   Tamrn2002
    I will be at my hospital too for a few days. I did it last year for Matthew as well. I brought a blow up mattress, sheets, a blanket, two pillows. Ear plugs, sleeping pills, eye mask (I sleep days). Flip flops for the shower and two of my own towels. A jacket, one outfit, pajamas and slippers. Scrubs for each day plus one extra just in case we stay longer. Snacks, a book, phone charger. Toiletries, Advil. And the things you normally take for your shift. My hospital pays double time for the whole 24 hours, so we don't have any problem getting staff.
  12. by   SuperSamRN
    I'm a nurse here in Florida as well. My boyfriend and I will both be working during the hurricane. Evacuating is always an option if you feel that's what you need to do however, in the state of Florida it can and most likely will affect your license in addition to losing your job. I worked hurricane Matthew last year as well and brought with enough scrubs for each day plus an extra just in case as well as PJ's (appropriate PJ's), toiletries, towel, flip flops, tablet, phone, book, deck of cards, and snacks depending on what food will be provided for you. We work 12 hour shifts so there wasn't a lot of down time outside of sleeping and attempting to coordinate showers between all of us. We also brought with a sleeping bag and pillow. We have extra hospital mattresses provided for us that we throw of on the floor. If you don't have someone to take care of your pet then bring it with you.
  13. by   lindseyrn2014
    Hi! Greetings and prayers from Houston, Texas. I was just on ride out team for Harvey. I definitely recommend an air mattress if you have one. I barely got any sleep on the awful cot they provided for us. Snacks and water are good too. My hospital had a bit of a food problem. And something to entertain yourself when you aren't on shift. Cause watching the news all day and night can be heart breaking. I hope this was helpful! Prayers from Houston!!
  14. by   oldtiredmicn
    I know this is probably thought of in a variety of ways but I think one of the most important things you could bring with you would be your Bible. You may not have a lot of time to read it but you know it is there! Clothes are definitely there on the needed list.