Disappointed, frustrated and slowly loosing my courage


  • I am a disappointed and almost discouraged LPN at this point, hence my venting to my fellow nurses. Oct 2009 I was licensed LPN after completion of a very vigirous program rated one of the best in the region. I enjoyed every day of my training as challenging and demanding as it was.
    My initial goal was RN school, so after two unsuccessful applications at my community college, I enrolled in a Practical Nursing program. My general education courses, plus Chemistry and A & P 1 were completed. Soon after LPN school was done, I went right back to community college and continued on my journey. Finally in 2012 I got an acceptance letter from a decent bridge program, and was to start in Summer of 2013. The bridge portion would be a heavy, intensive 6 week wrap up of 1st year nursing curriculum plus a brief intro to RN transition and role. As ambitious and hardworking as I was, I flunked by 2 points. YES, 2 POINTS! What a shock, even bridging program director was shocked and sent me a very comforting and supportive email. I had given it every ounce of 'what I knew how' and unfortunately, couldn't bridge to second/last year of the RN program....OK, I can swallow that, I've had disappointments before, I'm a big girl, and besides I want this, so what's spending two more semesters, right??? Well... After carefully reviewing details and expenditure of what it would mean to go all four semesters (as a traditional/nonbridge student) with this particular school, it became clear that I was looking at a $33, 600 price tag. That's where the disappointment hit hard. I can't afford that kind of money, financial aid will mean loans for me as I don't qualify for grants--my income exceeds the max threshold for grants. I'm still paying federal loans on my LPN education, a $13K balance as we speak. Adding over $30K in loans is definately not a smart financial decision. My heart is broken because I've applied to more competitive, affordable programs with no luck. The worse part is when I consider other neighbouring programs, Sciences have a 5yr expiration date. I have 1 Science (A&P 1) that's going to be 6yrs--done Fall 2008. It pains me to have to repeat what I've worked SO hard for, and PASSED, simply because nursing education has become so profit making it's sickening. I invested money, time and 'lost wages' in persuing my college credits/prereqs. Does anybody understand that nowadays? I'm not a little girl staying at home with mom and daddy and just going to college. I work my ass off to pay my tuition, keep a job, stay current with my bills and still further my education. As an immigrant, I came here with NOTHING, made progress for myself, and continue to do so. It pains me when I'm being turned down on something I so passionately want to do, and am already in the nursing field.
    At this point I just need words of encouragement. Would you have stuck out with the expensive school? Am just teary eyed, and thinking will I be given a chance? I know there are Nightingales out there to hug me through!

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I have one question; can you go back to the bridge program and repeat it??? I'm confused as why you can't repeat the bridge program. I might have missed the reason why through my tired eyes.

I went back and bit the bullet and invested in a program, and added to my loan from nursing school to get my BSN...I had an Associates degree, so I didn't need to repeat ANY science classes. I still believe that it was worth it. I am on a deferment and am opting into a loan repayment based on income to help defer costs. I don't know what area you are in, but I would look into programs that will give you some flexibility in getting your degree, or look into employee assistance to help defray costs, if available. I would get an associates for my pre req's and keep going. You can also talk to area colleges and CLEP courses...I saved money that way as well.

Best wishes on your journey. :yes:


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Thanks for your response and words of encouragement.

The policy is you cannot repeat the bridge portion of it. Unsucessful completion of the bridge means doing the entire length of the program, like a traditional student. That's OK, I don't mind starting from Nur 101. The problem came about when calculating the cost of the entire program (all 4 semesters).

I've had a quite a few people encourage me to stick with the same school despite the cost. Reality is after completion, I'd be close to $50K student loan debt on an Associate Degree. Let's be honest, BSN is getting to be an entrance level qualification in Nursing nowadays. Such a hefty price tag on a 2 yr degree...even a financial advisor would tell you--not a smart move!


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Dear darkbeauty, What ever you do- DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAM!!!! I just came across a quote by Jim Rohn; "Success leaves clues." I am sure there is an answer for you, your degree may not come from your college of choice but it will come. There are plenty of other LPN to RN programs out there-waiting for someone as smart and motivated as you. Take a deep breath, dust your self off and keep it moving!!! Your degree is waiting for you!!!


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30K seems awful steep. I am not an LPN, just an average community college student, and my Nursing program (ADN) will total approx 13K. That doesn't include all the pre reqs I did to get to this point. I pay out of pocket, as my school doesn't participate in federal loan programs and I don't qualify for grants either. I feel your pain on that.:banghead: I would say look at other schools, because you are right, that seems like an awful lot of money for a two year degree.

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When it comes to my dreams, I don't focus on the negatives!!! Everything isn't going to be how you want or exactly how you'd like. So you will have a higher student loan debt but you will be an RN with her ASN on the way to a BSN. It's a no brainer if you ask me. I understand you don't want or need high debt but this is for you. Aren't you worth it?


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@1pinknurse...Thank you for your words of encouragement. I totally understand things don't always go the way I've planned.

As much as I am pro education and progress, I can't pretend that money doesn't play a factor in it. We live in a very different economic 'time zone' if I may call it. Higher education is no longer about empowerment, these tertiary institutions are in it for the money. Unfortunately, I'm not yet in a position to blind my eyes and dive in close to $50K of student loan debt for an Associate's Degree. I know RNs who graduated from private colleges with AAS and have over $1,000 monthly loan payments. Half of their paycheck goes to loan repayment. Mind you these nurses are just out of school, so their starting wages are pretty low. They have accomodation, car payments and other expenses to take care of with the other half. Some are miserable, over worked and almost burnt out. I just don't want to make that mistake!

It seems like at this point, I will have to calm down, get my strength, courage and mojo back and keep trying in less expensive programs.

I love what I do, I love nursing, I just want another chance!

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Everybody handles things differently and I choose to wait 20 yrs to finally become a nurse. Maybe that's why I am so passionate about it & I am like a bull in a china shop when it comes to furthering my education. Not work, anything or anyone will stop me from accomplishing my dreams. If I were you, I'd find a way. I always do.


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I feel your pain please keep up the fight I know at times it appears hopeless but do not give up. Have you checked into the Excelsior program I do not know what state you are from but look into it I am an Excelsior graduate due to working full time and taking care of my family along with my husband who is disabled I preserved. That was 13 years ago so keep up the faith may god bless you.