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Disabled child abandoned by parents--comments?

You may have seen this story before the new year, about a 10 year old with CP that was abandoned by parents at a hospital. If you haven't here is a link that will show you the story, though I don't know how long the link will be operational... http://library.northernlight.com/EB19991229870000049html?cb=0&dx=1006&sc=0#doc

This story tapped me because I have had some contacts with tech dependent children and I think that this story has some important things to say about the imperfect world of having your tech dependent child cared for in your home.

Any agency nurses out there that have done care in these situations? Any parents that live this situation?

I tried to follow my own link and it didn't work. Anyhow, you can try to go to www.northernlight.com and select "search news" and then do a search for richard dawn steven kelso and you should find the stories for a little while. Sorry.

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hoolahan, ASN, RN

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It is a very sad situation indeed. It seems as thought the parents are very well-off which is the puzzling thing. Call me crazy, but one of my supervisors once called nurses wh*res because we would do anything for money. To an extent she was right in that circumstance since the hospital was paying double-time for any unscheduled time that you worked.(This was in the good old days.) BUT, to get to my point, don't you think if they offered double or even triple the usual shift salary that someone would have worked for them? They are in a financial situation such that this could be an option for them. But, money aside, I can easily see how anyone could be overwhelmed with the care of a disabled and ventilated child. But, I have seen people with a lot less money and resources do right by thier family members. It sounds as though he inconvenienced his parents, and this is so sad. I assume the child is alert and oriented enough to realize he was abandoned by his parents. Even still, my feelings are torn, since I have never walked a mile in their shoes, I guess I really shouldn't be too judgemental.

This case is new and TV has a way of exploiting situations. The abandonment charge has not been proven. This is a wealthy, well known family in the community. I would wait before making assumptions about the case.

Wow did this one touch me! I have a Quadrapaligic daughter of 21 with spastic Cp. I know the personal angish as well as the joys of her life. The parents may have alot of money but it can never take away the stress. I feel both sorrow and frustration for them. I have been a single mom,with a 14yr old also, with an annual income of Ten Thou. a yr and always thought if only I had more money, but somehow we made it through one second at a time. Somehow in my heart of hearts naturaly, the parents would want to keep him but just think for a second, maybe if they could have had some time to themselves they could have handled the day to day care. Or perhaps maybe them giving the child was one of love for they didnt trust themselves.. to care for him any longer and give him the care he really needed, we will never know why, but thank god there are people out there who will help now. P.S. if your wondering why I have responded on this message board I am A CNA in Maine going on to a RN degree (I HOPE) although I am scared of all the - horror storys out there. I am done bio and taking chem now but as far as the RNS I know I truly respect and am in constant awe of their Devotion!!!!!!! Well I guess I have taken up enough room here. God blees you all smile.gif


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