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Just got done with a week of shadowing with an FM doc. After 30 years she had had enough with insurance companies and stopped accepting them. The practice was amazing, 30 minutes with each patient, saw ~15 to 20/day depending, she even did home visits for a few. She admits that income is much lower than in the insurance model but patient and provider satisfaction are through the roof! Have any NP's managed to successfully start a practice similar to this?


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This NP in TX started a clinic that doesn't deal with insurance

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This is awesome! She's doing great things! : -)

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Our practice looked into this last year after another local PCP moved to the model. We ultimately decided to wait, but the model itself looked fantastic on paper: two full time providers and a panel of 2,000 patients with an annual cost of $1,000/year to the patient (less somewhere between 15-25% of reduced or no-fee patients). We planned on a conservative 50% overhead. We also had planned to continue to employ a biller/coder and would continue to bill MCOs for what we could. It would have meant the full time providers scheduled 10x30mins appts/day plus 2-4x15min appts/day for urgent visits plus take phone call at night/weekends.