Dilemma -- Need Advice on Job Offer


Hello all,

Thanks for all the great discussion at this forum. This site has helped me learned a lot about my journey of becoming a great nurse. Today I have a dilemma that needs your thoughts and advice.

I am an 8 month old new grad nurse. ED was my first 2 jobs but now looking at doing med-surg or ICU (being my long term goal). During the past few weeks, I've been sending a lot of job applications. 3 have called me back with an LTAC interview done last friday with still 2 interviews (2 inpatient med-surg hospitalist positions) left --one on Monday and the other a 2nd interview on tuesday.

The LTAC in med-surg called me today with a verbal and also an email with letter stating that "

I am very pleased you have decided to join the ______ at _________. This letter

confirms our verbal offer of employment as a Registered Nurse and provides additional

information concerning new hire orientation.

As we agreed previously, your contingent start date is 2 weeks from today. etc. etc."

My dilemma are the following:

1) I did not state any agreement on the offer yet. but apparently, the caller who gave me the offer thought I accepted. With my previous job offers, they would call me and ask "so we are pleased to offer you a position, do you accept?" I usually ask for a few days to think about it. She did not ask me that this time and went ahead and told me that an HR ppl will be scheduling my drug test and physicals, etc. After a few minutes, I received the confirmation letter via email.

2) I still have 2 interviews left--one on monday and the other 2nd interview will be on tuesday with the manager stating that she will make the hiring decision on that day--which is tuesday--itself.

My preference would be to work on a Hospital Med-surg unit which are the 2 position interviews left.

Given the above backdrop--how do I notify the LTAC that I would like to wait until say after all my interviews (with results or at least until next tuesday) are done to state my decision ? Do I call the person who called me or email her about my intention to wait ? How do I phrase it in the email ?

Would appreciate any advice and thoughts. Thanks and have a great day !


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I say call the person who sent the letter and tell them there has been a misunderstanding. You "appreciate the offer very much, and need a few days to consider it." Then go ahead with the other interviews.

Just my 2 cents. Good luck!

xtxrn, ASN, RN

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Call the LTAC asap and let them know you didn't realize they had offered you a position, and have more interviews.

I'd definitely go to the other interviews. You can't make a real choice without all of the pieces to consider....

And a question - I might be misunderstanding- Will this be your 3rd job in 8 months? :)

where do you live as you are getting a lot of job offers??

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Since you applied for the job, I am sure they assumed you wanted it. Be careful about putting them off while you interview for the other two; keep in mind there are plenty of other nurses out there who would love to get even an interview. Since you are going into your "third" job in 8 months, may I also caution you not to "burn bridges." You never know what may happen, or who you will run into again at another location. Best wishes.

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All excellent info, I have nothing to add except good luck to you :) Ivanna


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Thank you guys for all your comments and kind words.

I emailed the lady and guess what, she granted me an extension ! :yeah:

Yes, its my 3rd job in 8 months but its a long story. There are jobs out there ! You just have to look and look and apply and apply !

North Dakota has 3% or so unemployment rate so they need lots of nurses and other professionals up there --just to name a few. I live here in one of the southern states---medium sized cities. My thinking is as long as its not NYC, SF or LA, job market is ok --but not great. Also I am not a new grad--almost a year of experience--so its a little bit easier.

So for ppl thinking of becoming a nurse just to get a job--forget it, just stick to your strengths and passion and dont follow the mob. Just my .02

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Woo Hoo! :yeah: Im glad things are working out for you! Ivanna