dilemma, best option? ADN hard to find job?


Hi maybe I please get some good opinions on 3 options in Nursing, I'm turning 24 years old and currently taking prerequisite classes, I have a Bachelors in Business Administration, long post sorry

what I want is:

- a 2 year ideal BSN program

- to get BSN, my goal is to probably be a NP

- to enjoy my life and youth while it last and make new friends, travel blah blah

and yes I'm trying to move to another city on my own but instate, so money is a big factor

options are:

NOVA Community College: 2 years to get an ADN, Spring and Fall semester only


- takes 2 years and I could be working w/ an ADN after graduating

- work load will be easier b/c I'd have a lot of classes taken already due to my prior Bachelors

- be able to work part time and enjoy life, have summer off

- good clinical experience and cheaper tuition

- work after getting ADN and take BSN program while working which will add up total to 3 years


- not a BSN

GMU Accelerated program: 3 semesters long including summer

Pros: takes 3 semesters to get BSN, time is quicker, if i get a job MAYBE i'll be able to work part time and travel and do whatever

Cons: highly competitive, won't be able to work part time but the time is quicker, heard ABSN are very rigorous and tbh I don't know my limits and will I even have a social life???

Marymount Uni: ABSN

Pros: 2 year BSN

Cons: extremely expensive!, heard the program is not as good as above

PLEASE HELP! Classes are going to start next week and if i stay w/ the NOVA option, I only need to take like 1 class instead of 3 prereqs, so then I can just work and save!

Questions: is it hard for ADN's to find jobs since BSN's are more preferred?

and I heard if I get my ADN, it's possible for me to an RSN-MSN program after 1 or 2 years of working as an RN?

or I might be able to get tuition help if i go for BSN?

I wish I never did Business, ahh I could of accomplished so much, I feel my youth is dying away and I haven't even done nething yet

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I would go for the accelerated BSN option. This would probably be the quickest route if you are wanting to become a NP.

If you go the ADN route there are RN-MSN programs. At UNC-Chapel Hill they have a distance RN-MSN program. They are not even offering RN-BSN anymore due to budget cuts. I am sure there are other schools that offer a similar program. AT UNC they want you to have worked for 1 year as a RN before starting the RN to MSN program.

I'm still undecided on the whole ADN or BSN issue. There are more ADN nurses at my hospital than BSN nurses. Also, there is only about a .25 difference in pay at my hospital as well. You might get more hands on practice at a ADN institution than at a BSN school where it there is a lot of theory. Either one is great since you need to learn both.

You can still have a life and go to nursing school regardless if you are in a ADN or BSN program.

I decided to get my ADN first, I start tomorrow, and then try and get into UNC's RN to MSN program.

I hope this helps and good luck!

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How are you doing in those pre-requisite classes, especially the sciences (A&P, micro)? If you are charging along with a full load and A grades, maybe the accelerated program is for you. Is English your second language? - I don't mean to offend but I had some difficulty in understanding some of your post. If so, you might want to slow it down a little. The people who did not have a good grasp of the English language tended to have a lot of problems with the NCLEX style questions in nursing school.


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Do the pre-reqs for all three and then apply. They're all competitive programs, I'd go where you get a spot. Then you can make a choice if you get into more than 1. In the same area, there is also Chamberlain, Catholic University, and Trinity DC to look into. Good luck!