Dilemma: Am I Wasting My Time?


I have a BA with a 2.3 and a MS with a 3.2. I have no science courses, ann the other classes that I need to be accepted to an accelerated program average at about a C. In taking Anatomythis semester, I'm finding that when I talk to my classmates, there are a ton of things about nursing programs that I didn't know. I've never heard of the HESI, before, and what the heck is an LVN? Also, I don't even know what field of nursing I'd even want to go into (although I have an idea). I've got a job that will pay me my salary while I'm in school, plus they will pay for school! I'm also aching for a career change (I'm on the admin side of the medical field, right now). I've always wanted to be a Dr. growing up, but I always got discouraged with someone telling me no, and so I settled for something else.

I've never been an 'A' student, but then again, I've never been in any situation where I've truly had to apply myself either. Now that I am taking a class, the only time I have to study is on Sunday, and in the times after class (I have 2 small ones at home and a hubby). I'm not even staying afloat, but I refuse to quit (again), or settle.

I guess what I'm trying to say is between my lack of knowledeg of ALL that the field of nursing entails, and my 'average' grades, am I wasting my time? I have the passion, and I want to do this, but what can I do to make myself feel more secure bout me decisions? How can I have a better attitude about it all?:banghead:

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LVN licensed vocational nurse, sometimes lpn, depending on the state. Have you thought about what you are going to do during clinicals? Preplanning the day before clinicals (that's something I didn't know about)?? If your only free time is Sundays when will they fit into your life.

Have you looked into an emergency sitter for the little ones when they are sick?? The patient at the beside doesn't know what your grades are, as long as you are giving competent care. You don't have to know what kind of nursing you want to do before you go in.

For our school you have to have a 2.5. There is no missing clinicals-they used to allow one per rotation until it was abused, now the hours have to be made up in the lab. Only you can decide what is right for you, you have to figure out how many hours you can put in studying and whether it will fit into your life.

I've had 2-3hour lectures each week for the last seven, plus a nine hour clinical for the last 7 weeks. I've got a final tomorrow, and I've been studying since Friday, pretty much 1-2 hours on and 1-2 hours off, and I'm praying and hoping for a B. This Friday I start 3-2 hour lectures and 2-9 hour clinicals per week plus preplanning 2 days a week.


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I'm confused... how do you have a Master's of Science with no science courses? Am I mistaking what you meant by an 'MS'?


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It's a Masters of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling...the statistics course gave me that option :wink2:. Since I've had the degree, they've changed it from am MSRC to an MRC. But it's really all irrelevant, considering I'm not using it for anything other than credentials.

Nursing is where I want to be.

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