Dilaudid IV - white


Does anyone know why IV dilaudid sometimes turns white in the IV line? I flush well pre administration with saline but occasionally the dilaudid turns white.

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sounds like it's reacting with something that's running in your IVF and crystallizing....

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Yeah, what Ally said. Is there anything else running, or is this through a pig-tail into a lock?


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Nothing is running in between, IV is completely stopped and flushed.


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Could someone on a different shift pushed a med?


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Theres always that chance, but if its flushed it should be clean. I just learned though, that if there is a heparin drip or TPN going through a line it should of course be labeled and nothing else should go through it. A PICC nurse told me that there are always minute amounts of those drugs in the line even after stopping it and flushing the line. So I'm assuming the same goes for this and even though someone is getting 0.9 NS for example, another drug could still be in the line/port. Thats the only thing I assume could be the reason. At first I thought it was a contaminated dilaudid, but when it happened again I reconsidered.


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Sounds strange since it was flushed. Didi you clamp it above the port to be certain the IV fluids dont leak down to below the port?

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Definitely sounds like precipitate. Is there anything the Dilaudid could possibly be coming in contact with??


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Yes I did everything you are supposed to do. I think it may be remains of whatever was running through it before. Sometimes certain medications remain in lines long after they are d/c like TPN and heparin, you shouldnt draw labs through those even though you do everything you are supposed to (flush clamp etc). So thats my best guess


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No Im assuming the line had something run through it before and the remains are left in the line, as some medicines do.


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It sounds like precipitation to me. I agree with the others that another med must have been run through that line at some point and maybe adhering itself to the inside of the tubing. Does your hospital have a website available to check for IV compatabilities? I can go to that website and type in all of the drugs my patient is receiving and it gives me a chart with all of the compatibilities on it. If it's something anyone is interested in, just let me know.


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Talk to pharmacy about this. They should be able to tell you what causes dilaudid to react.

Any chance there might be some propofol or lipids left in the hub?