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Difficulty finding a job


Okay I am really starting to stress out...

I have a CNA license and can't really use it... I am a high risk pregnacy with pregnacy-induced hypertension.

I can't lift and turn patients like I would like too. I am not able to be on my feet due to the ridiculous swelling (my feet went from size 7 to size 10)

I have applied to every position at both major hospitals and their affiliated facilities in a 30 mile radius.

All in all I have applied for well over 40 positions.

This is not including the other jobs I have applied for...at non-medical positions.

I have applied for numerous billing and clerical positions. They require a applicant to type 40WPM. I took a test and got well over 50 with a 98% accuracy.

I have even applied for the PRN, and temporary positions.

Yet I get informed they find someone for that position (yet the posting is still up)!!

I have also been informed the position was filled internally...

This gives me mixed emotions, I am glad they promote from within. It makes me feel as if I would be cared for once I become an employee.

I also can't help but get frustrated more because, I want to point out that if you can't give me a entry level job.

Why should I come work for you once I complete school and qualify for a position in extreme shortage?

I have honestly applied to do the laundry, wash the dishes, cook the meals. I have numerous years of experience in a hospital setting. I have passed medical terminology with flying colors. I have CNA, EMT, CPR, ICU, food prep, and clerical experience.

I just can't help but feel...They have eliminated me and pre-screened me from the get go. I say this because if you were higher...would you jump to higher the 23 y/o (7 months pregnant)??

I guess I need some support and maybe some prayers, and a miracle!!! Anyone know anyone in high places...LOL....No but seriously!!!

How am I supposed to bring a baby into this world with no INCOME???? I also refuse to file unemployment because my last job was so amazing to me!! Its not their fault I had to move states, to find an apartment I could afford and big enough to raise my son in!!

gt4everpn, BSN, RN

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i hear you , job searching is very frustrating and time consuming.. i know i've been there, your pregnancy is more important right now especially with the pih, but of course you know that already... apply for jobs that don't require you to be on your feet at all or much. in your condition you really shouldn't be working, really but i understand your reasoning.. where do you live?... have you checked for jobs online? do you have any family to help? maybe filing unemployment is the best option just for now for you and baby... my prayers are with you. :icon_hug:

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I think you should apply for some type of aid, until you have your baby. I think you would qualify for it, just because of your condition. I know you don't want to appy for unemployment right now, but you might have too, if you don't have any other income coming in. I don't want to burst your bubble, but maybe you should of applied for jobs online, and made sure you had a job, before you left your job in the state you were living before, I think that would of allowed you to play it safe, before making a big decision to move out of state, when you know you will be having a baby soon, with this economy being uncertained, and the unemployment rate is increasing, everyone needs to hang on to the jobs even more so. God BLess, and congratulations on your pregnacy, I hope you are getting enough rest, you need to stay off your feet, anyway.

The funny thing is I applied online....but called to hear if there had been any updates. They said I could be considered for the clerical positions after a typing test. So I went to take it....got well above the needed standards!!

I wasn't completely stupid in quitting my other job...We didn't move until my BF had found a job up here but his income barely pays the bills!!!

Also I wasn't able to continue working my other job...I had Dr. orders to quit because of the PIH and swelling...

Other job was CNA on my feet lifting and turning patients.


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In this economy, unless there is a desperate need, it would be very difficult to get a position while pregnant. They probably do not want to hire someone that is pregnant, train them, and then have them go on maternity leave.

Speaking from personal experience, when I was a retail supervisor, I hired several pregnant women. I always got burned from it. They either went light duty or used the health benefits for the delivery then quit. It is unfortunate that you will suffer from other people's actions, but hiring a pregnant person can definitely be risky business, and has virtually no positive gain from a company's perspective.

Best of luck to you in your search!

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I wanted to ask, did your formal job offer disability insurance. You said that you had a doctor's note to relieve you from working, because of your PIH. I don't know if they offered it, or you had your person disability insurance, but if they didn't, you need to get unemployment insurance from them, to compensate for the disability insurance, remember, the umemployment insurance is your own money you worked for. You are entitled to it. God Bless.

DemeLVN2009, LVN

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I would also make one other suggestion, try homecare, or a sitters job, that doesn't require any lifting or pulling patients. Try some homecare or homehealth agencies, do you have your CHHA?. When you apply, tell them of your pregnancy, and that you need a sitter case, or homecare case, that doesn't require you to be on your feet allday. You might be able to work 4 hours a day.

I don't know if they had disability insurance...

I gave them my Dr's note and a copy of the lab results and ED discharge paperwork.

Once I turned in the Dr's note that was the end of my two weeks notice I had already put in because I had to move states.

I wish I could have moved sooner...to prevent this issue all together since then there should have been no reason for my pregnancy to be an issue since it wasn't even visible.

I also wouldn't have felt so guilty not mentioning back them because I could have easily been on the job for 4-5 months before taking maternity leave.

I feel more guilty now since I have less than 3 months.

Also the reason I wasn't able to move sooner is I was enrolled in 19 credit hours of gen. ed's for my BSN. That was alot of money and time wasted to get up and move...

Besides that would look aweful on my transcript when apply for schools here.

Though its harmful now I must say I walked away with only 1 B so it was worth it. Now I just need to apply for a BSN program here.

DemeLVN2009, LVN

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You had all the right intentions, you couldn't help, the way your condition prevented you from working, but your doctor, could of requested that they pay disability insurance, since the job was causing your swelling in your legs, by, you staying on your feet allday. He could suggested it, under workers comp.

DemeLVN2009, LVN

Specializes in acute care nursing.

I had a friend who had cancer in his legs, lower legs exact. He was a hospital tech like me at the time. His feet would swell up like a ballon. He could work on the floor at all, he was given light duty. His doctor requested that he stayed off his feet. He got state disability for his cancer,The job caused the swelling of his ankles, because he was on his feet for 12 hours.

I would not look for a job at this point if I were you. At seven months pregnant, you would probably not even be able to complete an orientation before you need to take your maternity leave. And when you return to work after the birth, you will probably need to start over from the beginning with orientation. This is a huge waste of time and money for any employer. Most places don't offer disability coverage until you have been employed for 6 months, so your maternity leave would not be covered anyway. I would try to get disability from your old job, or apply for some kind of aid. This may be unappealing to you, but sometimes we need to do things that we don't want to just to make ends meet. After your baby is born, you will be better able to look for a job that suits you, instead of settling for something just to have a job. The economy will get better, and maybe in a few months jobs will be easier to find

I am not doing this to try to get paid maternity leave... I am doing it so I CAN PAY MY BILLS!! I have applied for every type of aid except unemployment or disability. I am waiting on food stamps, and medicaid...maybe even TANF...

Its embarassing yet, I have held my chin up through all of this...We have cut any and ALL unecessary spending.

I havent applied for any jobs I wouldn't want to keep after the baby is born.. Strictly positions I am capable of doing in my condition and that I would want to continue in....

Stuff like receptionist, (just a bunch of clerical work), I have tried to apply at this hospital that offers child care 24/7 that way as soon as I am able I can return to work...

I guess I am most frustrated because I went from 18 hours of college credit, and 36 hours a week of school everyday for the last year and now I am stuck in a house all day that couldn't get any cleaner...

I once read a story about how back in the days they quilted to remain from going crazy. I feel what she meant by "you do that same dishes everyday, wash the same clothes, tend the same floor,etc". I can't hack it, I hope we are approved for food stamps....and I will try for unemployment and disability if this interview this week doesn't go well.

We are close to being able to pay the bills but lack grocery, and gas money....

Not to mention money to obtain all the needed baby items....like diapers, bottles, car seat.... (I honestly couldn't afford garage sell items)!!

I didn't mean to imply that you were only trying to find a job to get maternity leave. If my post came across that way, I am truly sorry. I simply meant to suggest that you might be better off trying to get some aid or disability now, since you will need it when the baby comes until you are ready to go back to work. And I inferred that you wanted to go back to working as a CNA after the baby, and would not be returning to a clerical job. That was my error in making an assumption. I do think that you are going to have a difficult time finding a job right now, both because of the economy and because of your pregnancy. I don't suggest that you should give up, only that you wait until after the baby is born. Pregnancy is stressful enough, without the added frustration of trying to find a job right now. I would not want to be in your situation. Becoming a parent for the first time is already frightening enough, without needing to worry if you can provide for your family. Take advantage of whatever help you can get now.

In this area, CNA jobs are going unfilled, while RN/GN positions are non-existent. Our hospital has at least 6 postings for CNAs and none for RNs.

I actually, your comment wasn't as hurtful as some of the others...What got me most is the numerous kudos that comment got...

I didn't do this to myself...I was VERY careful...yet here I am still in this position...

I mean seriously my lil one got throught three forms of birth control....(who does that..cause god really want us to have a baby NOW)

The three forms were:

1. Condom (which we found out was defective immediately following)

2. Contraceptive foam-this was used correctly and used one hour before as directed....also was SAFE for use with condoms.

3. Plan B-(morning after pill) also used as directed first does within 12 hours and second followed exactly 12 hours after intial as directed.

I was employed but had to turn in my two weeks notice for 2 reasons.

1. Was unable to continue..the lifting and bending was nearly impossible

2. Was informed due to my PIH and kidney stones, and swelling I should be off my feet.

I have applied to WIC, and for food stamps, and medicaid...

I have applied for honestly over 100 jobs/positions....ranging from dishwasher to medical transcriptionist...

I was also pretty much forced to move...

1. No apartments...suitable for raising an infant in

(had numerous safety hazards...floor heaters...wall heaters....disgusting carpet with huge gaps from walls exposing tack board...Mold...terrible unsafe structures) this town has 4k people and 6 apartment complexes...

2. Even worse job market...the only jobs available were minimum wage fast food...and more minimum wage jobs in a very limited number of businesses.

The most disgusting part of all that....the apartments rent was the same as in the big city...aside from aweful conditions dishwashers and washer dryer hookups were non exsistant.

Even more disgusting you were stuck with terrible jobs and even worse pay....

My BF thank goodness found a job very quickly doing the exact same thing and makes $4 more an hour!!!


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Wow, I really feel for you. Sixteen years ago, I was 22 and in almost the same position. I was fired from my HHA job as soon as I started the third trimester and no one would hire me. I applied for Medicaid and WIC and that helped us to get through. We had been paying $200 a month out-of-pocket for maternity care, so Medicaid was a God-send. We didn't qualify for food stamps or any other aid because my husband made too much money (by like $10 a month or something). I wasn't even sick, no PIH, perfectly healthy--still couldn't get a job six weeks away from maternity leave. That said, there are ways to get by and even get things for your baby.

Babies don't need much. You don't need bottles now, breastfeed. It'll be six weeks at least before you can go back to work. Worry about bottles later when you can pump and save up a freezer stash. You don't need disposable diapers. Cloth diapers are cheaper in the long run and you can resell them later. They're also much kinder to the environment. You don't need most of the equipment that is on the "must have" list for baby--no swing, no stroller, no crib, no fancy diaper bag, no changing table, no bottles, no formula, etc.

The most important thing now is to take care of yourself and don't exacerbate your PIH. Rest, take it easy, lots of fluids, and a careful diet. Go ahead and file for whatever benefits you're entitled to and don't feel bad about it. Social programs are there to help people get over just such a hurdle as you have now. PM me if you need a sympathetic ear.

Thank you KateRN1 and teacher sue...I did and do really need the support. I did the math and my we are in a defficient every month by about $100 we don't qualify for TANF...We should according to all the standards qualify for food stamps...don't know yet still waiting to hear from them!! I know we qualify for medicaid because I did before....yet still just waiting to hear from them!!

I am thankful to say the lady on the other end of the phone and the local WIC office was so very kind and helpful....she is calling the county I just left to get transfer papers...and then is calling me back to set up my appointment in this county....

I am so VERY thankful for people like her and you guys who just offer and ear and kind words...It makes me cry (honestly) ...must be all the hormones!!

I have hopefully (I hoping some will power will make him arrive sooner) but if he comes as soon as I would like.... he should be here in about 9 weeks (if he doesn't come naturally...apparently the Dr. I haven't met yet...my soon to be sister in law is getting me in with will induce me early)

When I say deficiet of $100 thats if we get food stamps which can be up to $408 a month...

I have money left over from grants and my tribe that if spent wisely will keep our heads above water....Also his mother has offered to hire me as her housekeeper....which I gladly and eagerly took...

I am worried about getting the car seat though for release...(cause we all know they won't let us leave the hospital without one)

I do plan on breast feeding and am not to worried about bottles just yet....and WIC will give me a breat pump after one month of breast feeding.

Also we did obtain a crib, dresser/changing table, and swing from a garage sell months and months ago before anyone could have predicted this situation.

I am also still worried about getting diapers cloth or disposable still cost money...

Since I am a new parent I have no clue what to expect with this either...I honestly have no clue about how long a package should last for...

For example if I buy cloth how many will I need apparently over six (also I have NO CLUE how to really use them) I did research a while back though like some say you need cloth diapers as inserts and diaper covers and pins/or bungee/ or velcro fasteners. I also have no clue what sizes to get....

Or if I get disposables is a box of newborns enough for that time in that size or two huge boxes (or is that to many)!! Will they go into a bigger size before the end of the first month....

I also haven't had anyone throw a baby shower and I can only hope I get lots of "birthday presents"!!

I don't know where you are from, but you might see if there is a Healthy Start program in your area. They can help with preparing you for the baby and either handle or put you in touch with resources to help with getting the things you need (diapers, car seats, cribs etc).


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You can get used cloth diapers at http://www.diaperswappers.com. I would seriously caution you about insisting on being induced early. While 38 weeks is considered "full term" for babies who come at that time on their own, not all babies are ready at that time and you may find yourself caring for a functionally premature infant. Allow nature to take its course and your baby will be much better for it. If you're paying out-of-pocket for maternity care, you might want to look into midwifery care at a birth center. Lower interventions and lower cost, along with a great deal of help for you. Also ask the people at WIC about other local services available in your area.

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