Difficult to drive on mountain roads with narrow paths and steep hills


have you ever needed to refuse to take a certain patient because you cannot drive to the patient's home? i am ok with driving far but i have extreme difficulty driving on mountain roads with narrow paths and steep hills. narrow roads are sometimes not wide enough for two vehicles. i sometimes need to ask my agency to reassign the patient who lives in mountain to some other nurses because i cannot drive to get there. my car's brake and engine are not good enough to drive such a mountain road. also i am not so good at driving on mountain roads even though i have no problem driving general roads and freeways because i am from a city where i did not have to drive and i could just use public transportations until i moved here. does anybody have a similar driving issue?


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I am just starting home care and dont have a 4 wheel drive so we will see..lol I do have friends who live in mountain roads and you have to drive uphill thru dirt or rocky roads to get to their homes and in the winter my car basically slid down and scared me so much!!


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You can make your driving problems known to your agency and request accommodations, but do not be surprised if it affects your employment if accommodating you is not convenient. Depending upon the situation at the agency, they may accommodate you without a second thought, or they could take steps to start leaving you off the schedule more and more, or they may just stop calling you outright. We are always only as valuable to our employers as they can use us to their own benefit. If your vehicle is in that bad shape, they can use that as an excuse not to employ you at all. Look at all the home health job listings that specify owning a vehicle in good working order.


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My agency understand that I will not drive across high bridges. I have an extreme fear of heights. They still ask, and i still have to remind them, but they understand.