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I have a question I just cant seem to find an answer for on the internet and thought I woild try asking here...has anyone here ever transitioned from pediatrics to adults? I am a new graduate nurse who may be offered a position in general peds but I like to keep options open and if I had to move etc and take up adult nursing, would they see my experience primarily in peds as a large detriment?? Or is acute care experience generally sufficient?? Thank you!!

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Typically if a hospital was hiring into an adult med/surg position they would want relevant experience which would be previous adult m/s experience. However, I was able to transition from peds into adult m/s fairly easily when I went from school RN to adult m/s RN in a very rural far northern Cali. County that had difficulty filling positions. I did receive a decent amount of time for orientation. If you can find a hospital that is really in need of adult M/S RNs then you could have a decent shot at a position. Also, depending on the location, the hiring hospital may look at having peds experience as a plus. At my current hospital we occasionally get a peds pt (a small rural access hospital) and the RNs w/o peds experience freek out. Having the experience can show your versatility.

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I transitioned from a neonatal/pediatric critical care position to adult critical care. It wasn't an issue, but I was applying for a similar specialty so there was some overlap.

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I don't understand why anyone would want to go from peds to adults but yes, it's possible. I know plenty of people who did it either because they wanted to work closer to their homes after they became parents/didn't want to commute to the city anymore or because they wanted a better schedule. Former colleagues of mine at a pediatric hospital have gone out to do adult VNA, adult endoscopy, ER, adult med-surg, research nursing in an ALS clinic and probably more that I cannot think of off the top of my head. I have only peds experience (11 years) and I got offered interview for 2 adult positions when I was applying for jobs earlier this year. I turned down both interviews because I had 4 good pediatric prospects by then.

That makes sense, thank you!

I loved my intensive care rotations and I hope to work up to there one day, as well. Thank you for your reply!

Thank you--this is good to hear! I love pediatrics but in so many ways my career is just beginning, and I was wondering if specializing in pediatrics immediately might close a lot of doors for me in a pinch when or if I needed to find a job. This has been so helpful!

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