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Different Employment Options for RN BSN

perez32 perez32 (New) New

I am currently a Nursing Student going for RN BSN. I was wondering what different types of job titles are available with this type of degree, or what type of places could I be employed besides a floor nurse.

With a little experience once you graduate, you can work pretty much anywhere you can imagine!

Hospitals, clinics, schools, factories, Disneyland, cruise ships... I could go on all day.

Not really sure what you mean by "job titles"; you'd be an RN no matter what you did, as long as that's why you were employed by...whomever.

As to WHERE you could work, that's a pretty broad area. Depending on the kind of experience you gained after graduation, how long and how good that experience is, would determine your likelihood of finding something in specific fields of interest.

First graduate and pass NCLEX...then get some experience under your belt......then look around :)

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Flight Nurse, Private Nurse, there are many options and different specialties that help in qualifying for other positions other than a Staff Nurse


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I'm hoping to secure a position in either community health or tele communication health nursing. I've found one position and I meet all requirements listed. If I get the job, I will be working from home and going into the office for IDT meetings once a week. My only fear is that someone who has experience (I specialize in acute care [hospital] nursing) in this area has seen the job posting and applied also. My experience in home health was a while back during my LPN years.