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Didn't include middle name when applying for licensing


Hi all,

I made a mistake and didn't include my middle name when applying for licensing through breeze. I only put my first and last name. I got confused because my school said they would submit my first and last name to the BON roster. I wanted my information to match. However, on my driver's license I have my first name, middle name, and last name (actually my first name and middle name are both on the first name line). Pearson VUE said they only check first and last name for testing, but I'm just concerned that BON would want my name as it appears on my drivers license. I'm kind of wondering why something so simple got so complex. Please if anyone can shed some light to this, that would be appreciated. I already emailed BRN but waiting to hear back. I have no idea how long that will take. =(


bitter_betsy, BSN

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Our BON website states that it needs to match your Drivers License exactly and that if it doesn't - you need to contact the BON and have it changed immediately. I'm actually worried about mine because the top layer is peeling off and the DMV is not open for me to go get a new one.

I contacted them. And he said I just needed to submit a time change form and two form of identification. I did a drivers license and marriage certificate. I submitted it through breeze AND mailed it. Hope it works! And good luck to you with your license. I believe Pearson vue is just checking to make sure first and last name match. So if they can still see your first and last name you should be good. I read that some people use their passport (unexpired passport).

Name change form*

bitter_betsy, BSN

Specializes in Emergency / Disaster. Has 2 years experience.

I'm chatting with them now.... slow process. I'd love to use my passport but.... got divorced since then so - its no longer valid 🙄 lets hope for the best.

I feel your pain. I had to try to chat with them two separate times both an hour wait time at the least! Glad you got a hold of them. Good luck!

Hi! Any updates on this? I submitted my application about 2 weeks ago and the school did not include my second first name on my application.. I am so anxious about it because I don't want any delay on my testing.