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Didn't Get Accepted Into Nursing School, what to do next?

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So here's the backstory:

I've completed all the necessary steps to get into nursing schools (prereqs, HESI, TEAS, etc). I took the HESI twice with both scores of around 84-85% and my TEAS scores wasn't all that -- 75%. Unfortunately I was denied admissions to all but one program that I'm currently waiting to hear back from. In the meantime, I've been working at JCPenney for almost a year now and taking one last class (Stats) in order to get all 65hrs required. But I would really like to get some experience in this field that I'm trying to purse by gaining employment at a doctor's office, hospital or nursing home as some kind of medical assistant or CNA, etc, while I figure out what are my next options. But my parents aren't down for that plan. They just want to get back in school and focus on just school. I'm dependent of my parents, so whatever they say pretty much goes. My parents have really been disappointed in me by the fact that I haven't received admission yet, to the point where they believe it would be better for me to change my major and come back to nursing later once I get a degree.

I'm not trying to be hopeless, and say that I will be denied admission from this last school, but I am trying to be ready for the worse and plan my next steps now rather than later.

My passion is for nursing, and even though it may not happen in the order me and my parents would like, I would like to continue to pursue it any way I can.

What are some paths that I could follow to build my career in nursing?

Is there any chance of you moving out? Getting an apartment with a friend/roommate?

Nursing programs are competitive. It sounds like they are putting an awful lot of unnecessary pressure on you. Personally, I think you've got it right. Your plans don't sound careless or reckless. Maybe get your foot in the door doing something at a hospital (or whatever you want to do). Try and see if you can find out from the schools why you were denied admission and see if there's anything you can do to increase your chances for the next cohort.

I don't know how you'd feel about moving, but maybe try looking out of state if there's nothing more you can do in your area. There are a lot of options. If you don't get in, maybe consider LPN and then do a bridge down the road.

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Maybe your parents don't know this, but a degree in any field doesn't guarantee you'll get a job in that field. Nursing is one of the few exceptions and even that can be hard (I had a friend who worked at Starbucks for a year after getting his BSN because he couldn't find a job remotely close to where he had to work at the time). Not to mentions all the extra time and money that would go into getting another degree! I would apply to ASN/ADN programs as well as BSN because that may be easier. You could also do an LVN program because that would increase your options of getting into an ASN/BSN/ADN program immensely just be statistics (you'd be replacing people who have dropped out or been held back halfway through the program rather than being on an even playing field with everybody else. You'd also get some experience beforehand, which would put you ahead of the pack in that respect.

I had a friend who had tried for 6 years to get into a program, even getting waitlisted a few times, but she finally got in and graduated last Spring. If you get a job at a nursing home as a CNA or can get in somewhere as a PCT (Patient Care Tech--some hospitals still use them even in ICU and ER) I have to think that would help a lot as well. If this is what you really want to do don't give up! Do what you have to do in the meantime and if it's meant to be and you really want it, it will happen.


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Your parents sound wise to me, and very practical. Don't discount their advice.

Focus on school and retaking the TEAS. Are your grades competitive? Working as a CNA will give you some exposure but it shouldn't be the focus. If your academic profile isn't competitive, focus on getting into a LPN program then bridge to ADN or BSN. LPNs at least get a livable wage. The longer you stay in a $12/hr (CNA) job, the more stuck you become. Once you're older you'll be asked to move out and you'll get even more stuck because you'll have to work 50 hours to keep up with the bills. Get a marketable degree as soon as you can and stay home as long as you can. You can always go back to nursing (many many do).


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