Did/do you work during LVN/RN school?

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  1. Did you work during nursing school?

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I am wondering if I should just completely stop working so that I can completely focus on school, or should I continue working? Did you guys work? Did your school allow you to work? Would you change anything?

Worked full time job and one or two part time jobs while going to school full time and attempting to keep a recalcitrant teenager in check. Grueling. Everything operated like a well oiled machine unless, or until, a glitch, usually me getting tremendously sick, the car breaking down, my Dad passing away, etc. If you get on a roll, take advantage of it, and hope that it lasts until you graduate, because if you get knocked off the track one time too many, you may end up with little or even nothing to show for your suffering.

I worked about six hours a week and still thought it was too much. I also had no car, so any commitment for school/work had an extra 1-3 hour bus transportation time tacked on to it ...sometimes even longer.

I worked PT on the occasional weekends. My LVN program was M-F 9a-5p (clinical days were sometimes 12 hour shifts) really not much time to work.

I work 11pm- 7am on Friday and Saturday, and every now and then I'll work a Wednesday. Studying takes up most of my time, you have to do what's best for you and your situation.

I am very fortunate that the LTC facility I work for allows me 3 eight hour days during the week and one 12 on weekends.

So I work 7-3 and then have school 5:30-10:30

I didn't work during the time I was in school for my LPN but I worked part-time and raised two kids while I did my BSN. If you have to work it can be done, if you don't then I wouldn't. Nursing school is a lot of studying and you have class and clinicals, it is just really time-consuming. Also if you have no medical background like as a CNA you have a lot more to learn and adjust to.

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