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Did using UWorld alone NOT work for anyone?


Hello fellow students and nurses!

I just graduated this past December and am awaiting the ATT. I am currently using Kaplan and UWorld.

Has anyone used only UWorld and it ended up not helping you pass the NCLEX? Please, let me know, I would really appreciate any insight! Thank you!

Hello I passed my nclex on my 4th try thanks to UWorld the first 3 times I did Saunders, hurst, and Kaplan and 4th all I did was UWorld í ½í±í ¼í¿¼

I used everything and still unable to pass. I took the NCLEX RN 13 times already. Now I'm using Picmonic.con to help with pictures. I gave test anxiety, memory deficit and knowledge deficit

I know test anxiety is the worst but for the 4th time that I passed I went to cvs and purchased mood relaxant gummies and took 2 of them 1hr before the test and It helped me while taking the test you should give it a try with like a mocking practice test ex: ATI

Hey sianee, I am sorry to hear that but do not give up. I would definitely focus on coping with your anxiety and finding numerous ways to manage them when you are testing by creating a testing environment and observing when you begin to have the anxiety. Stay positive!

Hey, thanks for responding! And congrats on passing the NCLEX! My plan is to get through Kaplan this month and then do all of Uworlds Qbank 2-3 weeks prior to taking the test.