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Did you take notes on U World rationales?


Trying to see if I am eating up too much of time as I tend to over prepare and take too many notes in general.

I just started U World, I think I am like 450 questions in, right now scoring in the 64% percentile overall. I have been taking notes on rationales but its obviously taking up a lot of time. Does anyone feel this is a necessary thing to do? I did well in school but some of the rationales are things I didn't know or did not have a good grasp on.

I also did a local NCLEX review that came with a workbook that I hardly touched because I have been spending all my time organizing and jotting down rationale notes.

any thoughts or opinions appreciated! hoping to take my NCLEX at the end of May so want to maximize my time.

I guess we're doing the same. I had a lots of books purchased and barely used it because I want to focus on Uworld and also taking my time taking notes and reading those rationales. I think were doing good as long as we understand. Im also taking mine this coming end of may. I hope we both pass.....

me too! I think I am going to change it up, do all the questions, and then go through the rationales to take notes. That way I can see my percentage after I do all the questions and see how much note taking I should do based on that. I just think writing stuff down helps it stick in my brain.

I know it helps a lot writing it down. then when I my eyes get tired, I stop using computer, rest me eyes lil bit and then reading the notes. good luck to us. I hope everything we do it will work and pay off soon.